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xRM – What is it?

What is your flavour of Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

The term ‘xRM’ could be used to describe any people-based relationship management scenario – typically sales, service and marketing-related.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been used to classify a range of customer-centric activities for years, but what about the other opportunities for managing people-interactions?

Examples that Gap Consulting have regularly come across include...

  • Employee Relationship Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Patient Relationship Management
  • Supporter Relationship Management
  • Student Relationship Management
  • Member Relationship Management
  • Sponsor or Donor Relationship Management

In order to deliver some of these more specialised relationship management processes, Gap Consulting turn to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. This solution is so flexible that it can be configured to manage your xRM needs, but why would you choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM over a niche solution?

The fact is, a niche solution is just that – focused on specific business processes, but no more.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful workflow engine, so it is not just a great means of managing your centralised data. Using workflow processes, Gap Consulting can implement genuine, xRM specific automation that can manage even your most complex business scenarios. Plus, you also have the strength of the core Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, enabling you to increase the breadth of your investment. By increasing your use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM into new areas, you open up opportunities to consolidate and replace niche applications that are expensive to maintain and extend.

Not only that, using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform for xRM ensures you do not have to compromise on the other technologies your business relies on. The Microsoft tools and functionality you need - Word mail merge, Outlook integration, SharePoint integration, Excel and SQL Reporting Services reports and so on, are all integral to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution – so why compromise?

We believe Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be whatever you want it to be, and we can
prove it.


xRM – what do you want Microsoft Dynamics CRM to be?


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