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Our Company Profile

We established Gapconsulting in June 1999 using our many years experience in Financial and IT Services with Barclays Bank PLC.

We knew we could be different if we found consultants with the right mix of   technical acumen and business focus – people who could make a real and obvious contribution to any business. We had to bring together an exceptional group of people; we did; and so Gapconsulting was born.

Recruitment from companies such as Astra Zeneca, IBM and CSC has broadened our experience to the Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Contact Centre and Services sectors. Since 1999 we have gained further experience in Retail, Utilities Telecoms and Financial Organisations.

We now have Siebel Enterprise customers across many industries.

Why do our customers believe in Gap People?

Our customers have access to experienced, professional Gapconsultants, all of whom are Siebel certified.

At Gapconsulting we believe that by taking the services of one of our consultants, you gain the knowledge of them all. We have a dynamic approach to knowledge sharing, both internally and with our customers. Regular information exchanges and a remote support network, aid our people wherever they are.

We believe our people are the best in the business, and have an ongoing commitment to ensure they remain the best. This means our recruitment is highly targeted and potential recruits have to meet both our technical and service requirements.

Technical ability is proved through specialist, professional certification and experience. Our consultants approach to high quality service and delivery is demonstrated when you meet them. We only provide people who can add value to your business through their ability and attitude.


We are commited to developing Gap people and in return they are:

  • Professional
  • Committed
  • Flexible


Gap Culture

At Gapconsulting, we pride ourselves in the quality of our people. As well as their technical skills, they also share our cultural beliefs. The culture of the organisation can best be described by our company values:

Integrity - All staff are open and honest and treat others as they would wish to be treated themselves.

Independence - All employees are encouraged to act with confidence and independence; they are encouraged to action without constant direction. Issues are aired and resolved positively and openly.

Quality - Work is always of the highest quality in line with customer standards; everyone takes responsibility for their actions and the associated outcomes.

Results - The company is driven by a sense of urgency to achieve results and bring issues to a close. Everyone must pursue aggressive goals and work hard to achieve them.

Environment - The company is entrepreneurial with a dislike of bureaucracy, encouraging the freedom to generate new ideas that will develop the business.

Knowledge - Everyone must continually strive to improve their knowledge. Communication is key. Employees share what they know across the organisation.

Fun - Employees should truly enjoy what they do.


Gap Mission

‘To be the credible choice…’

We operate in an industry of big players. However, we believe that our focus on Siebel and its related skills and services, makes us the true specialists. We realised very quickly that to be credible, you must be able to prove your worth.

Our credibility increases with every new client and the feedback they give us. We aim to be everyone’s ‘credible choice’ in this highly competitive market.


Gap Brochure

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