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We deliver CRM success. From new Dynamics 365 implementations to fresh ways to use your platform.

A leading Microsoft Gold Partner

We’re committed to Microsoft Dynamics 365 – but that doesn’t just mean straightforward CRM implementations. In fact, our wide-reaching experience means we find ways to help you unlock the potential of CRM to achieve real return on investment within this new and exciting framework.

That could be getting up-and-running with the leading CRM solution that effortlessly integrates with Microsoft desktops and Office 365. It could be guiding you into the cloud, where your CRM solution is always online and available from anywhere. It could even be drawing on our technical expertise to populate your CRM with quality data from your legacy systems.

What we do is comprehensive and complete. All built on our proven methodology for delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 success.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your partner for Microsoft Dynamics at its best.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

CRM within Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the visibility, control, and automation it takes to truly understand how you interact with customers – and build better customer relationships. But it’s also a highly flexible platform, from its cloud-based options to impressive scalability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is also highly integrated with your existing Microsoft environment, including Office 365, to boost your productivity across apps, sales, marketing, service and operations.

Why Gap Consulting?

When you choose Gap Consulting, you get the advantage of our experience with Microsoft’s ever-evolving solution. Just as Microsoft Dynamics 365 gets better with every update, our expertise grows even more in-depth.

What’s more, we’ll also take the time to really understand your organisation, your goals, and the obstacles that could be in your way. That way, we can translate your requirements into the best-fit Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution.

Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for:


Get a crystal-clear view of your customer engagement and track all types of customer interactions at every stage.


Put customer intelligence in one familiar interface, then use rich automation to streamline your processes.

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Better experiences

Reach your customers by the right means, at the right time, drawing on insights and patterns to deliver the best possible service.


Extend Dynamics 365 and manage almost any relationship more effectively.

Take Microsoft Dynamics 365 beyond your customers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps provide a platform that’s designed to flex. In the right hands, it can extend relationship management to partners, employees, or just about anyone else.

xRM is about taking the proven CRM functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps– then layering on new functionality to maximise your return on investment. A tailored CRM platform with the visibility, reporting, and automation you’d expect but used for different relationships from events to HR.

As a result, you can consolidate and replace legacy applications with a true line of business solution that matches your unique needs through Microsoft Dynamics 365. See our customer success stories for inspiration.

Why Gap Consulting?

At Gap Consulting, we’ve helped organisations of all sizes – and in all industries – to transform their relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, and colleagues. That means we’ve got the specialist knowledge it takes to tailor your solution and explore the Art of the Possible. It’s what we’ve already done for clients from Merseytravel to Rathbone Investment Management.

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Choose xRM for:


Don’t manage multiple systems to provide different services, and then struggle to unlock the data. Instead, bring them all together in the same database, reduce your costs and share the data!


When your relationships all flow through the same system, you unlock new opportunities for automation end-to-end – and increased efficiency.

Increased ROI

Whatever relationship you’re trying to manage, bring it into Microsoft Dynamics 365. After all, the more your system can do, the more value it’ll deliver.

Adxstudio Web Portals

Let Microsoft Dynamics 365 drive new online engagement.

A no-code platform for web portals

The web presents new opportunities for engagement and different ways to build business and manage your relationships. Adxstudio Portals lets you launch web-based portals for everything from self-service customer support to online retail – all driven by the data within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM apps.

What’s more, since Adxstudio is now owned by Microsoft, it’s more integrated than ever into key solutions including Office 365. Presented as ‘Online portals’ within Dynamics 365, more and more customers are opening up their web self-service capability.

Why Gap Consulting?

We’ve been working with Adxstudio since 2011, making us one of the most experienced Adxstudio partners in the UK. We’ve established a clear methodology for working with Adxstudio, including a full web portal visual design process – one that’s proven to be successful time and time again.

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We’ve used Adxstudio Portals for:


We created self-service portals for employees to access their learning records and stay in touch with training.


We launched on online portal where new members could join, with all data fed into the CRM to automate invoicing and renewals.


Multiple portals: for patients to make appointments online, for clinicians to make referrals, and for commissioners and CCGs to view KPIs.

Gap Consulting

This website, and our support portal are delivered entirely via Adxstudio.

Upgrade and Rescue

When you need a team you can depend on, turn to Gap Consulting.


From technical to functional upgrades, we’ve been upgrading solutions for more than a decade. Trust our tools and methodology to get you where you need to be, whether that’s to an updated version or into the cloud. Every upgrade has the potential to be complicated, but we’ll simplify the process to help you understand your transition, your costs, and spot potential issues before they happen.


It’s not unusual to change your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM partner – and, with our Gold partner status and proven reputation, it’s not unusual for clients to transition to Gap Consulting. As a result, we’ve got a proven process for understanding your implementation, transitioning you to Gap Consulting support, and carrying out any remedial projects.

Systems Integration and Data Migration

Unlocking the true potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Because your data will drive your success

The best CRM system falls apart if it’s filled with bad data and a system that sits alone, isolated from your other processes, isn’t working to its full capability.

Guaranteeing high-quality data at your CRM launch is the difference between a system that impresses – and wins rapid adoption – and a system that gets in peoples’ way. Then, by integrating your CRM with your other platforms, you’ll get a two-way exchange of information that joins your working world together.

So you can take full advantage of your investment and make your way of working information-driven, not application-driven.

Why Gap Consulting?

Systems integration and data migration are where you’ll find out if your partner can really perform. With numerous successes already under our belts, you’ll be pleased to hear that we can.

We bring the highly technical, specialists skills that it takes to advise on the right integration or migration approach. We understand the detail and precision that’s required – and the consequences of a poor decision at this crucial stage.

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Rapid Deployment with PACE

Our framework for fast Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivery.

What is PACE?

Not every Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation is big and complex. Sometimes, the priority is taking advantage of the cloud to get up-and-running at speed.

PACE is our rapid deployment service for CRM – an established framework that gets you live in days.

Within PACE, we’ll:





Ideal for compact projects

Typically, PACE is for clients with fewer than 30 users aiming to take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM apps ‘out of the box’. Of course, you’ll also get the advantage of our expertise to analyse your data and process requirements, deploy related cloud technologies like Office365, and support your new implementation.

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