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CRM testing and ‘In Private Browsing’

When testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the tester needs to evaluate security roles, the tester will typically use different credentials to log in as users who have different security roles associated with them. It is common for the tester to set their IE User Authentication settings to ‘Prompt for user name and password’ so that as they open a browser session, they can log in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with different credentials. However, this doesn’t always prompt the user to log in and sometimes the cache & history have to be cleared in order to force the log in prompt. A useful tip in this scenario is to make use of the ‘InPrivate Browsing’ feature in IE8 and above. If no other ‘In Private’ browsing sessions are active, opening a new one always prompts for credentials. This allows the Microsoft Dynamics CRM tester to happily have two web client sessions open (one normal and one In Private) which they can use to compare side by side different users with ...

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CRM 2011 Dynamic Web Resources using JScript

The concept of web resources in CRM2011 is really exciting and the option to store gif and jpeg images as web resources gives us a new opportunity in making form design graphically more informative and compelling. The following example shows how we can utilise web resources and jscript to make images embedded on forms dynamic so that the user can be presented with different images depending on data values held within a record. Here is an example that uses a pick list value to control the web resource that appears on a form. This simple example could be used to display a warning sign if a customer is unhappy. Firstly, add a pick list to your form and also add a web resource. Use the ‘New Field’ function within the Field explorer to quickly create a new field. Note the numeric value you assign to your picklist option as you will need this in the evaluation part of the jscript. Here, ‘Warning’ has a value of 2. Create a couple of web resources of type gif or jp ...

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Microsoft CRM 2011 Dashboard

CRM 2011 comes with a set of new capabilities for creating business dashboards.  Each dashboard can be made up individual charts or CRM data views.  Take a look at the standard dashboards produced with sample data.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Public Beta

Microsoft have launched their public beta of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 today.  To register and get access to all the innovation that has gone into this release follow the URL below;

Register and receive access to CRM 2011 Beta

How to add colour to a Microsoft CRM Form Picklist

I recently got asked by a customer to change the colours of Service Cases based on their priority.  P1 = Red, P2 = Yellow, and P3 = Green. Whilst there is no standard capability within Microsoft CRM to perform this on Case Lists or Case Form, there is a form script which can be added to the Form OnLoad() to perform the change.

The colours are present within the picklist dropdown.

Upon selecting a value the picklist colour is then maintained on the form view.

The code required to make the above changes is as follows;

// Get the picklist 
var picklist = crmForm.all.contractservicelevelcode;
// Change colour to Red if P1 
var option = picklist.options[1]; = "#E55451";
// Change colour to Yellow if P2 
var option = picklist.options[2]; = "#FFF380";
// Change colour to Green if P3 
var option = picklist.options[3]; = "#5EFB6E";

Microsoft CRM 2011 – What’s New?

Check out the following blog post from Marco Amoedo for a list of new CRM 2011 features.
  • Solution Packaging
  • Net 4.0 Support out of the box
  • Flexible Web Services
  • Using System Types
  • Linq for CRM
  • ADO.Net Data Services and .Net RIA services support
  • Code Sandboxing
  • Claims based Authentication and Federation
  • Shared Picklists
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