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CRM2011 Rollup 7 introduces a new feature 'Read Optimized Forms'

Rollup 7 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 contains a new feature to help improve the form load speed, especially useful for those users who are more inclined to open and read records as opposed to edit. The feature can be activated within System Settings under the 'Form Mode' section. Edit retains the current behaviour, Read-Optimized sets all forms to read only initially, and 'Allow users to select a mode for viewing forms' enables the user to set this feature within their personal options area. If the system setting allows, the user's personal options may be configured to default all forms to 'Organisational Default', 'Read-Optimized', or 'Edit'.   When set to read-optimized, the user will be presented with a form that is in a read only state. The screenshot below illustrates an account form in a read optimized state: When the user clicks the 'Edit' button, then the form will load in the way we are all familiar with: I think this is a nice idea and has the potential to help the ...

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Advanced (Line) Charting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011

When adding line charts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011, although much improved since the R7 (Rollup 5) release with the introduction of two categories and up to 5 series, for line charts there are still rather large square blobs plotted for each data point, values are plotted next to each point by default, and the lines don't appear as smooth curves. This can become very messy if your chart has quite a few data points in close proximity.   However, if you make use of the ‘export’ and ‘import’  chart xml feature we can solve this problem with 3 very small changes to the following xml element: <Series>         <Series ChartType="Line" IsValueShownAsLabel="True" BorderWidth="3" MarkerStyle="Square" MarkerSize="9" MarkerColor="37, 128, 153" MarkerBorderColor="37, 128, 153"></Series> </Series>   N.B The following assumes the reader is comfortable exporting the chart xml, amending it in a suitable text ...

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