Scrum Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Gap Consulting's Scrum Manager for Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM provides you with the ability to manage a Scrum project within your Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 2011 solution.  Use Scrum Manager to create and manage requirements through the Product Backlog, and assign Product Backlog requirements to a Sprint for delivery.  Use the Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 2011 Scrum dashboard to report on your Sprint Burndown rate.  Project related Risk, Assumptions, Issues, and Decisions can be tracked in the RAID Log, alongside Change Requests.

Gap Consulting's Scrum Manager for Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM has been designed so it’s available as a single code base for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online, On-Premise, and Partner Hosted deployment scenarios.

  • Developed using a single code base for all deployment scenarios including Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM Online, On-Premise, and Partner-Hosted
  • Compatible with Sandbox mode to provide support for Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM Online
  • No need to use the plug-in registration tool
  • Created using custom entities, and therefore will not impact your existing Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 2011 deployment
  • Pre-built security roles for Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, and Scrum Development Team
  • Automatic analysis and processing of remaining effort information entered by end users.
  • Easily store and prioritise user stories and requirements in the Product Backlog

  • Queue up future Sprints assigned with defined Product Backlog requirement

  • No programming knowledge is required. Import the Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 2011 Scrum Solution, and be up and running in minutes!

  • Automatic rollup of reporting information into Burndown charts

  • Tested as 'Microsoft Platform Ready' for Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM 2011

  • Available for all deployment scenarios including Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM Online, On-Premise, and Partner-Hosted.

1. How much does Scrum Manager cost?

Gap Consulting Scrum Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 costs £995 exclusive of VAT (if in UK).
This includes software maintenance for year one. You have the option to renew software maintenance in year 2 at 20% of the current software cost.

2. How many environments does a Scrum Manager licence cover?

You will require 1 licence per Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Organisation, regardless of how many environments you have for that CRM 2011 Organisation.  For example, if you move your Development Organisation through a System Test, UAT, and Live environment, then you still only need 1 licence. If you have two different Organisations, running different solutions then you would require 2 licences.

3. What Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences do I require?

You will need to licence your CRM server/s and your internal CRM users.

4. Can I implement Scrum Manager myself?

Yes, Scrum Manager is a simple solution installation and full instructions are provided.

5. Do I need to understand Scrum in order to use this solution?

No, as Scrum Manager is a hybrid model created by Gap Consulting from our own experience and use of the Scrum methodology, we have created a user guide to help you use our solution.  The process is simple and very effective.

For more information about Scrum Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please contact us on or use our Contact Us form.


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