Auto Summary Version History

v5.0.4.32 - RTW (12th April 2012)

Enhancement release based on Auto Summary customer feedback.  Review these enhancements on the Auto Summary Features tab here.

v5.0.3.24 – RTW (19th October 2011)

  • Bug fix: Auto Summary updates the target field even if the value is the same in the target field.  This behaviour has been changed to only update the target if the value is different.  This in turn provides a performance enhancement.
  • Bug fix: Currency base fields are now available for selection through the Auto Summary Definition record.

v5.0.3.22 – RTW (4th October 2011)

  • Enhancement: Child relationship display value updated to display “Child Entity: Field” to replace the current “Parent Entity: Field” naming convention.

v5.0.2.18 – BETA (31st August 2011)

  •  Initial release.



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