At Gap Consulting, we innovate because it’s what our customers want.

All our customer’s businesses are different and they often manage unique business processes. The fast pace of .net development has allowed us to build innovative xRM solutions for them, built on the strength of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Besides, we like exploring better ways of doing things.

'At Gap Consulting we innovate to meet our customers’ business requirements. The flexibility of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform allows us to configure unique xRM solutions that absolutely cater for our customer's relationship, data and process needs.

During 2009, we saw huge interest in xRM and developed several organisation-wide business platforms based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In some cases, each department has been modelled within the solution to provide a coherrent, single source of business data - but with very specific needs. Think training management, housing management, employee management, enquiry management and so on. The Microsoft Dynamics xRM platform is highly strategic, and offers so many opportunities for securing and enhancing 'customer' relationships. This trend continued into 2010.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 presents even more opportunity for innovation. We have decided to upgrade and align our previous accelerators and addons into two categories – Solutions and Essentials.  Solutions are a complete package of configuration, process and portal which can be used as is, or modified for our customers.  Solutions address specific business areas and allow customers to centralise their business activities into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Essentials are the highly useful enhancements that many customers need.  They are small and clever elements of code and configuration that speed up Microsoft Dynamics CRM development, and prevent re-invention.'

Please feel free to contact me in the office or by email at '

Michael Jarvis, Technical Director

We also resell Add-On products from other Microsoft Dynamics CRM innovators.

If you have an idea you would like to explore, get in contact and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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