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We follow Siebel’s innovations, embracing their newest technologies to bring them to our customers. Our most recent service offering involves the creation of our UAN practice.


Siebel 7 Upgrade Services

Are you..
  • planning to implement Siebel 7?
  • unsure of your Siebel 7 upgrade options?
  • developing new requirements or planning to exploit new functionality?
  • wanting to enhance your internal Siebel skills?
  • concerned about the expertise or service provided by your current Siebel systems integrator?
  • concerned about your Siebel return on investment?

Whatever your challenge, it’s highly likely that Gapconsulting have previously been involved in something similar. We have a defined set of Siebel 7 Services, so that customers can choose the level of support they need, for example, starting with a Siebel 7 'Kick-Off' Workshop.

Review our Siebel 7 Services in printer friendly .pdf format

Our consultants have planned and designed deployments, supplemented established core teams and performed troubleshooting roles to resolve significant sales and service issues. We provide consultants with specialist skills in the newest areas of Siebel functionality.  We Have

  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Configurators
  • EIM/Integration Specialists
  • UAN Specialists

        .....all of whom are Siebel certified

We understand the Siebel 7 project environment, working with both new and upgraded applications, and are currently working on several Siebel 7 projects in Finance and Life Sciences organisations.

Gapconsulting also provide competitive Siebel 7 upgrade proposals using the most experienced staff. Within our significant and continuously growing Siebel practise, we have the skills and attitude to value to any Siebel deployment, at any stage.

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Siebel Ad hoc consultancy

At Gapconsulting, we can provide ad-hoc Siebel consultancy to boost your project when it needs it most. For example:


  • architectural advice prior to your project kick-off
  • functional advice to push Siebel into the areas of your business that will benefit most
  • specialist technical consultancy for deliverables such as interfaces, performance tuning and EAI
  • knowledge transfer for challenging areas of new Siebel technology, such as UAN.

We can also provide holiday and sickness cover for your projects, on a week-by-week basis.


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Siebel Application Support

We already have Application Support agreements in place with a number of our customers. If you are interested in our Application Support packages, please contact us, making us aware of your high level requirements.

At Gapconsulting, we can customise our support to a customer’s desired level. Some high level considerations may be:

  • Do you require support for your infrastructure and application?
  • How business critical is your Siebel application?
  • Do you have a Service Level Agreement that needs to be satisfied?
  • Do you want first line and second line support?
  • Would you like to use unused support days for Siebel development?

…we can provide this flexibility.


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Siebel Offsite Development and Upgrade Support

With Gapconsulting, our customers have the opportunity to reduce development costs by using our own development environment, based at our Head Office. Using VMware, we already have machine images for a number of Siebel products and versions. We also have a proven machine image for the Siebel 6 to 7 upgrade, which is especially beneficial to our Mid-Market customers.

Gapconsulting can also produce customer prototypes offsite. Prototype and ‘proof of concept’ work is common practice within Siebel projects, especially when a customer is considering new functionality, such as a new piece of integration.

We can provide the competitive rates to make offsite working worth your while.


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ABC for Rapid Delivery

OK…You’ve selected Siebel 7 and are looking for delivery of base functionality without weeks of preparation, endless configuration and integration activities. Achievable? Yes, through Gapconsulting’s Rapid Delivery ‘ABC’ Methodology.

Meet you requirements with minimal configuration and a 12-week, fixed price project for your functional pilot users.

Review our ABC Methodology in printer friendly .pdf format

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Siebel Project Definition and Bid

Gapconsulting provide customers with the consultancy to get their Siebel project moving. We have customers who have needed support to construct the Siebel 7 business case, especially when they need to justify the cost of a major upgrade. Using their business and Siebel knowledge, our people are accustomed to providing the necessary input to build the case you need.

 We have also worked on a number of Siebel project bids to assist our consultancy partners and outsourcing organisations.


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Siebel Employee Relationship Management (ERM)

We are working with one of the UK’s largest banks on the primary deployment of Siebel ERM.


ERM offers you the opportunity to deliver Siebel's standard of relationship management into your own organisation. This internally-focused suite of applications enhances your ability to manage and respond to HR activities, such as, training, performance management, communication and personal development.

Other common requirements include:

  • Integration with other, complex applications such as SAP
  • Imaging integration for the storage of key documents
  • Automation to comply with national Employee Legislation standards
  • Self-service portal access for employee benefits.


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Looking for specific Siebel Skills

Sometimes customers just need a specific Siebel skill for a defined period of time, some examples being:

  • EIM / EAI
  • CTI
  • Email Response
  • eScript, VB, Java script and Siebel COM
  • UAN
  • Integration Connectors
  • Application and hardware performance tuning and trouble-shooting.

 We have consultants with the skills and experience to satisfy these types of requirements.


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Siebel Universal Application Network (UAN)

What is UAN?

UAN is out-of-the-box integration which provides a rich library of common object models and business processes, and uses UML diagrams to illustrate the integration. The business processes and common object models are in an open standards format, making UAN integration vendor independent.

How is it different from previous integration technologies?

Generally, previous integration has been developed from scratch with little possibility of re-use. Out-of-the-box connectors have provided point-to-point integration. But now, UAN provides integration from centralised servers and makes integrating applications quicker and more cost-effective.

Gapconsulting's approach

UAN will run on one of a number of integration server platforms. To complement  Gapconsulting's integration experience across vendors such as Vitria and SeeBeyond, our consultant's have recently completed training to learn about the best-of-breed integration server platform from TIBCO.

We are keen to lead the way with UAN. Using our TIBCO experience, we have already developed a 'UAN'-like set of Business Processes to demonstrate it's capabilities.

Review our UAN Readiness Review in printer friendly .pdf format


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