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One of the keys to business success is to use technology that will help your team to share important product, market and customer information. Goldmine's success is founded on its strength in a team-based approach to managing leads, prospects, and customers – giving everyone access to information that will allow then to efficiently and effectively serve customers.

GoldMine® Sales & Marketing™ can be implemented quickly and is easily integrated with widely used desktop applications. Synchronisation features and web enabled versions allow your remote teams to utilise the vital information at the most important times

This affordable, practical solution has been delivering results to businesses of all sizes (1-500 users) for over 10 years and will quickly allow your business to realise:

  • Increased Sales Revenue
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Instant Management Information
  • Improved team communication
  • Greater levels of customer satisfaction
  • Extensive lead tracking
  • Direct access to prospect/customer information
  • Fast and accurate forecasting


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