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What do we do?

Gapconsulting’s Business Consulting Practice provides a portfolio of specialist services to meet a range of client requirements. These services, some supported by specifically developed software tools, can be used to support the business end-to-end or on a “pick-and-mix” basis.

Business Consulting recognises and supports a range of client requirements that extend beyond the commonly acknowledged scope of software implementation programmes. Software implementation is often central to almost any change programme, but is by no means the only factor to drive the delivery of anticipated or hoped for business benefits.

Our services are used to support existing and new programmes and can typically be tailored to support holistic or process-centric issues. We use our experience from e-commerce projects to strengthen our approach to addressing the business and IT issues which are important to our clients.


Our Services

Business Consulting offers a set of services that are relatively discrete. However, in practice, client requirements tend to demand solutions drawn from a mixture of tasks and skills across several service definitions. The table below describes the range of services that comprise the Business Consulting portfolio.


Service Name Professional Services Include
Project Assessments



  • Project Benefits Analysis & Simulation
  • Business Case Validation
  • Project Justification (ROI)
  • Health Check Services
Business Assessment
  • Business Metrics Analysis & Tracking
Process Optimisation


  • Business Process Alignment
  • Business Process Simulation
  • Performance Improvement
Business Strategy
  • Business Strategy Assessment
  • Post Capital Investment Appraisal
  • Change Management
  • Organisational Re-structuring


Why use our Business Consulting Services?

We differentiate ourselves through:

  • a simple and pragmatic approach to problems
  • identification of quick wins based on our experience
  • commercial, not just consultancy experience
  • value for money
  • adoption of flexible working practices underpinned with a pragmatic approach to formal methodologies
  • a non-restrictive framework of tools and techniques
  • a small footprint supported by quality and experienced associate model

We apply this experience to all our customer engagements, irrespective of size. Our consultants are all highly focused on ensuring customer satisfaction and our approach is designed to ensure our performance exceeds customer expectations.


Why Clients have asked us to help?

They may have;
  • required skilled resource in specialist areas
  • required an independent perspective
  • projects that are delivering lower than expected benefits
  • projects that are having difficulty remaining on schedule
  • a business area unable to fulfil expectations
  • required an approach that is flexible and tailored to their needs


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