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Our IT Consulting caters for any size of business at any stage of the maturity curve. In other words, we can help you get there or we can help you stay there. Our objective for the small business is to become your IT Department, a true 'one-stop shop'. For the larger business we want to establish Gapconsulting as your IT partner to supplement your in-house teams and add real value with our specialist services and experience.

Our Approach

Step 1 Free Consultation - Asses current systems and requirements
Step 2 Draft Proposal Overview, Requirements and Outline Solutions
Step 3 Contract Stage Once agreed, full solution design begins
Step 4 Design Stage Specification, Product Selection and Procurement
Step 5 Solution Implementation Build, Configuration, Testing and Training
Step 6 Service Management Support Onsite, Telephone, Internet


Our Proposition

Day-to-Day Support

Our Services

You know your business and you will also recognise the necessity of developing and maintaining a robust IT infrastructure to support your business and the competitive advantage available through exploitation of technology. We address the complete scope of an IT solution, from the product you need, the people that will use it and the processes that make it effective. Our services are defined to allow you to maximise your relationship with Gapconsulting and concentrate on generating revenue and minimising cost for your business.

Business Application Selection & Development

  • What are your requirements?
  • What are the solutions?
  • Who are the suppliers?
  • What questions should you ask?
  • How much will it cost, (to develop and own)?
  • What skills will be required?
  • What happens when it goes wrong?
And so on...

Our consultants are highly experienced in legacy applications. They are also highly trained in Web technologies. This means we are well positioned to understand your needs and work with you to put the right solution in place for your business and your customers.


  • Is IT your core business?
  • Do you really want to carry the cost and pain of supporting your IT
  • Infrastructure?
  • Where do you get the staff?
  • How do you train them?
  • What happens when they're sick or on holiday?
  • How do you keep them?

We have the skills and experience to be your internal IT department, available on demand, but at a fraction of the cost of a full time, internal capability. We worry about the infrastructure, training, recruitment, sickness and holiday cover. You worry about you're your products, market share, your customers. Talk to us about how we can offer you remote support, local support when required and how that translates into real value for your business.

Project Management

  • Why do so many IT projects fail to deliver?
  • Why do they overspend budget?
  • Why are they late?
A project is all about delivering agreed requirements within budget and timescale.

IT projects aren't simple, even though they may appear so at the outset. Our Project Managers are highly trained and have been involved in some extremely complex engagements. They really understand how to structure a project and use the same rigour irrespective of the size. Let us manage your projects and take your pain…

Customer Contact & Relationship Management

If we asked you who's most important to your business, you'd probably have your customers at the top of your list.

  • But how well do you know them?
  • Do you really understand their developing requirements?
  • Are you selling them everything you could be?
  • How well do you manage their enquiries and service issues?
  • How well do you manage your marketing campaigns?
  • Can you manage all this across any channel where you do business, maybe face-to-face or the telephone or the Internet?

This is the province of Contact Management and Customer Relationship Management. We have specialists in this area to help you understand and develop your strategy, select and implement solutions and get the most from your investment.

Office Infrastructure

  • Is your LAN stable?
  • Do your applications run as you want…or indeed as 'the supplier' promised?
  • Is your email system always available?
Your office infrastructure is the core of your business. Without it your business will inevitably suffer. We have consultants who specialise in infrastructure, from design to deployment, from security to support. Talk to us if you have any concerns now or if you think Gap could assist in any way.

With our understanding of the relationship between telephony and IT infrastructure we can manage suppliers to integrate your digital telephony solution.


  • Missing opportunities?
  • Concerned you may have a problem?
  • Achieving Return on Investment from your IT infrastructure?

Let us spend some time reviewing your IT infrastructure & capability. Our experienced consultants use a simple but effective methodology to identify potential issues within your environment, e.g. security exposures, single points of failure or critical business resumption issues. They are very aware of the business opportunities available through exploiting the latest IT technologies and will be able to recommend how to can further competitive advantage or protect your existing investments. All in a language you'll understand…

Service Management

  • How do you manage change in your environment?
  • What happens when there's a problem?
  • How do you know when you have a capacity or performance issue?
  • How do you manage your suppliers?

Our consultants work to the IT Infrastructure Library guidelines to establish simple, robust and pragmatic processes to ensure that your IT solution is under control.


  • Will your new technology investment prove successful?
  • Does your end user have the right skills to use the technology?
  • Have they been involved; do they want to use the new technology?

Any IT solution is only as good as the people who use it. Without the right training the end user will never adapt to technology; will never embrace the change and will never realise the return you expect on your investment.

We have experienced end user trainers who can work with you and your staff to develop customised training to address all your needs, win your staff over and give them the confidence to really exploit your technology investment.


  • Familiar with the RFI & ITT process?
  • Established software And hardware suppliers?
  • Know where to go to get the best deal?
  • Know the right questions?

If not, you could be in danger of missing the best deals or even worse, wasting your money.

At Gapconsulting we have extensive experience of the procurement process, from multi million pound deals to local, small office contracts. We know how to structure commercial arrangements and have the partners to help us. We can take care of all your needs and let you concentrate on what you really know.

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