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From strategic advice to practical ongoing support.

Successful projects built on a proven methodology

The breadth of our services is big enough to cater to almost any need – but they’re all underpinned by our clear, practical process for delivering success.

It’s an approach that’s agile, flexible, and led by close relationships with our clients. We know that, before our knowledge of CRM comes into play, we need to build our knowledge of your organisation and the outcomes you’re hoping for.

Then, we can tailor a solution that doesn’t just deliver on your needs – it goes beyond your expectations to create a true platform for growth.

Gap Consulting services are all delivered with:

Certainty around budgets, timelines, and functionality

A spirit of collaboration and continued communication

A passion for driving your project and treating it as our own

CRM Strategy & Advice

We’ve seen Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM projects succeed and fail. We know what it takes to achieve the best results and unlock the benefits of a sound investment in CRM.

Whether you’re implementing a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution or extending your existing one, we’ll guide you through this complex process and give you the advantage of our long-standing expertise.

Your business, our expertise

Our strategic and advisory services aren’t about dictating an answer to a problem. Instead, it’s an open dialogue that’s built around continued communication.

As your partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365, we’ll take the time to understand your business, the units within it, and the processes you depend on. Then, we’ll complement our knowledge of your business with our proven knowledge of CRM, helping you understand what’s possible and – crucially – where change could bring real value.

Choose Gap Consulting for:
  • Advice from a leading Microsoft Gold Partner, specialising in the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Commercial and technical insights based on years of hands-on experience
  • A consistent point of contact with a partner you can trust
  • Practical guidance that’s always based on costs versus benefits
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Our approach


We’ll keep your commercial priorities in mind, helping you make sense of your business case, budget, and the tangible benefits of your solution.


We’ll offer our technical expertise to explore the Art of the Possible, bringing aligned technology together for a cohesive, multichannel strategy.


We’ll consider the impact of change on your people and equip you with strategies for managing that change and driving user acceptance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrades

Just like your interactions with customers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is always evolving. We’ll help you keep up with the latest innovations and stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re concerned about the complexity of an upgrade, call on our specialist expertise. We’ll get you where you need to be and help you take advantage of everything the latest upgrades can deliver.

Streamline your CRM upgrade

If things are standing in the way of your upgrade, they’re obstacles to getting the full value from the system you’ve already implemented. They could be stopping you from using new social engagement, PowerApps and mobile features. Worse, they could leave you working with an End of Life product that’s unsupported and unsustainable.

Let Gap Consulting work through your challenges and prepare a practical roadmap for upgrade.

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Choose Upgrades from Gap Consulting to:
  • Future-proof your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution and get ahead of your competitors
  • Uncover issues that could cause problems during the upgrade process
  • Keep your CRM system online during the upgrade
  • Improve user adoption and help users make the most of the change
  • Unleash all the new benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform
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Our approach


We’ll check that your existing code is suitable for the upgrade and search for compatibility issues.


We’ll find opportunities to take advantage of new functionality and plan for common problems during the upgrade process.


We’ll conduct a rigorous test of your platform using a virtual database to verify success before the process begins.


We’ll build a training plan to guide your users, super users, and administrators through the new version.

CRM Project Rescue

Not every project goes to plan. But when something goes wrong, we’ll put it right.

Maybe your project was poorly specified, poorly managed, or poorly delivered. Sometimes partners just don’t deliver the technical expertise it takes to make a solution successful. Whatever the scenario, we’re here to get your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM project back on track.

Effective project rescue

When you call us to rescue your project, we’ll take things back to the basics. We’ll look at your business, the challenges you faced, and why your project didn’t overcome them. Then, we’ll prepare a clear plan for success, drawing on our extensive experience as a Microsoft Gold partner, specialised in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM delivery.

So you can put the problems behind you – and get the benefits you’ve been waiting for.

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Choose Rescue from Gap Consulting for:
  • A transparent approach that clarifies your knowledge of the solution and its challenges
  • Fast resolution that gets you up-and-running quickly
  • Improvements to existing functionality to increase efficiency and drive your ROI
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CRM Infrastructure

Where you host your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system can play a key part in its success. But it’s not a decision that’s easy to make.

Few organisations have the in-house expertise it takes to understand the options, plus the strengths and weaknesses of different infrastructures, and the practicalities involved. We’ll supply that specialist expertise to recommend the most appropriate deployment for your business.

On-premise or in the cloud?

Traditionally, keeping your CRM system and data in-house was a matter of security and familiarity. Everyone knew where their data was and could use it in a way that didn’t require much change.

But, as cloud technologies have advanced, most of the old obstacles have disappeared. The cloud can be just as secure, compliant, and contained as an on-premise project – with the added advantages of new flexibility and faster implementation.

We’ll help you understand the pros and cons of each type of hosting, and then put your on-premise, cloud, or hybrid model into practice.

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Choose Infrastructure from Gap Consulting for:
  • A clear, no-fuss explanation of your options and how they could affect your organisation
  • High-level cost analysis that identifies your break-even points
  • Advice on unlocking the benefits of the cloud
  • Practical assistance with cloud migration
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Support

If you depend on CRM to do business, any downtime costs you time and money.

That’s not to mention the reputational damage you could suffer when service slows down or customer-facing applications become unavailable. To help, we offer comprehensive support that’s designed to spot problems at the earliest stage – before they turn from minor issues into major incidents.

Our support services

It’s all made possible by our detailed knowledge and our close relationships with every client. When we understand your business and your CRM solution in-depth, we’ll see and resolve issues even faster.

Just create your tailored support package, and get the level of cover you need for peace of mind.

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Choose Support from Gap Consulting for:
  • Multi-channel support
  • Pre-agreed response times
  • Access to Microsoft Gold Partner resources
  • Account Manager
  • Change advisory support
  • Extendable hours
  • Certified support engineers
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