The Game for CRM2015

‘The Game’ is a free solution built by Gap Consulting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM2015 that contains a framework to enable the system administrator (or game administrator) to gamify their CRM application. The objective of gamification in the context of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to drive user adoption by incentivising the users and hopefully making using CRM more fun. 

The solution comprises of entities, workflows, workflow templates, and a HTML5 leader board to record and administer a ‘game’. Players (users) may attain ranks and achievements by meeting criteria contained within workflow logic. Although the framework and concepts are simple, the crucial aspect is identifying a balanced set of measures which reflect the objectives of the business and reward the users fairly. Once these measures are identified (e.g. to win an opportunity, to resolve a case, to complete a service activity on time) then workflow must be created to generate game points or achievements accordingly. 

All ‘The Game’ components may be accessed via the Settings area and are grouped within their own section. Download the user guide at the bottom of this page for detailed information about the solution.

The game entity is the central record to administer and monitor the progress of the game. A business process flow guides the administrator through the three stages of the game’s life-cycle; ‘Booting Up’, ‘Game on’ and ‘Game Over’.

The game record holds information such as which users are playing the game, the available ranks with point levels at which promotion takes place and gives access to a leader board of user’s points and achievements. A single game could be played by all crm users or several games could be created, one per team or department. This enables different ranks and achievements to be awarded to reflect different working practices per team/department. For example, a ‘Sales Game’ and a ‘Service Game’ could use different workflows to create different game points and achievements and allow the user to attain different ranks.

The game record contains several charts to monitor game performance.

Ranks are achieved when a set number of game points are accrued. Two real-time workflows are included for a navy theme and regal theme which auto generate and link 10 ranks to your game

Achievement types can be configured to represent any reward you may wish to grant to your users. These can be infinite or finite.

Finally, the leader board shows who is winning along with tiles to represent the ranks and achievements earned. A configurable refresh rate is also available should the leader board need to be displayed on a big screen in the office!

The Game managed solution is available for download in two versions. CRM2015 (online or on premise) with update 0.1 applied or CRMOnline 2015 with Update 1 applied. 

To install, simply import the solution via Settings > Customization > Solutions then 'publish all' customizations once done. Refresh your browser and the game entities will be available in your Settings area.

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