Event Management and Planning Software

Event Manager

When looking to run events, organisations face a number of challenges, such as effectively managing delegate responses, data management and version control, and truly understanding event success or failure.

The Event Manager Solution

Our Event Manager solution enables organisations to take control, optimise event processes and leverage the customer relationship.

It connects event management to other business processes, ensures each event provides maximum ROI and allows organisations to continually fine-tune, hone and amend their event strategy.

The Benefits

  • Provides full events self-sufficiency, removing need for outsourcing and saving costs. 
  • Leverages standard features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, saving time and cost
  • Enables a single customer profile which can be utilised to retarget across the organisation, improving collaboration and efficiency
  • Reduces admin by eliminating data rekeying and manual delegate management 
  • Improves understanding of event success by utilising real time dashboards and reporting tools

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"Gap understood our requirements and the business processes we needed to incorporate. I would be happy to recommend them."
Joe Pumphrey, Project Manager, Mencap