Auto SLA Calculator for DynamicsCRM

Gap’s Essentials Auto SLA Calculator tool provides a flexible solution to address the limitations within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to calculate dates and durations while taking in to consideration the concept of ‘working hours’. This enables accurate 'service level agreement' dates to be produced and also enables the production of real time averages of time taken to respond or complete cases or incidents using Microsoft Dynamics CRM's charting capability.

Auto SLA Calculator can return a specific date & time by using a pre-defined 'Auto SLA Definition' record to establish the working day/time after passing a start date/time plus the number of days, hours, and minutes to add or subtract. So for example, if an Auto SLA Definition is configured to represent a working schedule of Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and a request record is raised at 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon with the addition of 45 minutes, the calculation will return the date/time of the following Monday at 9:15am.

Alternatively, a start date/time and an end date/time can be passed and the duration and number of minutes (both elapsed and 'working minutes') will be returned.

Although not mandatory, the solution works in conjunction with workflow to make the application of business rules extremely configurable.


  • Compatible with CRM Online
  • Create your own Auto SLA Definitions to represent as many 'work time' configurations as required.
  • Use workflow, plugins or jscript to generate 'Auto SLA Request' records which return date and duration/minutes results. 

The Benefits

  • Avoid the cost, save the time and eliminate the risk associated with developing bespoke plugins or using less configurable/unsupported freeware solutions.
  • Easily amend the definitions when the business requirements change, no need to spend money on developers to re-code plugins.
  • Receive maintenance updates and new features as and when they become available, further extending functionality.
  • No programming knowledge required. Download and import the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Auto SLA Calculator managed solution, and be up and running within minutes
  • Configure Auto SLA Definitions without requiring any technical knowledge or having to use the plug-in registration tool.
  • Use Workflow to generate Auto SLA request records for codeless production of service level agreement response dates & business duration values. 

But CRM2013 'SP1/Spring Wave' introduced 'Service Level Agreements' why do I need this?

Service Level Agreements do indeed have a functional overlap with the Auto SLA Calculator but are 'hard wired' to the Case entity. Also this functionality does not return duration/mins/hrs values between two date fields (both elapsed and 'work time') which can be crucial in reporting average response/resolution times.

The following table highlights a few of the key differences; 


Auto SLA Calculator is a one-off fee of £299 per live CRM deployment (irrespective of user count). So if for example you have 3 databases, a development, a test, and a live, you just pay the single fee of £299. This includes 12 months product support, after which a further 12 months support can be purchased for 20% of the initial fee.
NOTE: Existing users, you will need a new license key if upgrading. For production instances a new license must be purchased. Contact support to obtain new key(s).




        *Please select the version you wish to purchase (CRM2011/2013/2015) and add the organisation unique name that you can find in CRM via Settings > Customization > Developer Resources in the box below. If you require additional free keys for your development/test environments, please state their organisation unique names in the 'additional license key requirements' text box during checkout.


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