Auto Summary for DynamicsCRM

Gap’s Essentials Auto Summary tool provides you with the ability to store information on a parent record summarised from multiple child records. With Auto Summary for Dynamics CRM you can sum any source field on all related child records and store the result on the parent record.

It’s also possible to count the number of related child records and even apply a filter query before storing the result in the chosen field of the parent record. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 does not provide this capability as standard.


  • Compatible with CRM Online (including the latest Service Update) and on-premise / partner hosted release.
  • Create your own Auto Summary Definitions. Supports customisable entities and fields including new custom entities and fields. Select a parent entity and target field from a list, including relationships and child fields. No need to manually type in technical information
  • Choose if Auto Summary Definition should perform a sum, count, average, min, or max calculation (includes min/max on date fields!)
  • Choose whether to run your Auto Summary Definitions in real time (synchronous mode), or as a background task (asynchronous mode). Select your option on the Auto Summary Definition – no need to use the plug-in registration tool
  • Auto Summary Definitions are recalculated when users Create, Update, Delete, or SetState of child records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so the information on the parent record is always up to date. Also the definition can be set to trigger by a manual execution field on the parent record (handy for using workflow or JScript/Buttons to trigger the calculation). 
  • Auto Summary Definitions are executed regardless of whether CRM was updated through the User Interface, SDK, Outlook, or offline clients (which get Auto Summary Definitions executed when synchronising)
  • New HTML5 control to display real-time metadata
  • Select and count many-to-many relationships

The Benefits

  • Avoid the cost, save the time and eliminate the risk associated with developing bespoke plugins.
  • Easily amend the definitions when the business requirements change, no need to spend money on developers to re-code plugins.
  • Receive maintenance updates and new features as and when they become available, further extending functionality.
  • No programming knowledge required. Download and import the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Auto Summary managed solution, and be up and running within minutes
  • Configure Auto Summary Definitions without requiring any technical knowledge or having to use the plug-in registration tool.

But CRM2015 has 'Rollup

Fields' why do I need this?

Rollup fields in CRM2015 do indeed have a functional overlap with Auto Summary but they have several limitations. The table below gives a high level feature comparison. For a more in-depth comparison, read our blog article 'CRM2015 Rollup fields versus Auto Summary'.

*CRM2016 rollup fields can return averages.


Auto Summary is a one-off fee of £299 per live CRM deployment (irrespective of user count). So if for example you have 3 databases, a development, a test, and a live, you just pay the single fee of £299. This includes 12 months product support, after which a further 12 months support can be purchased for 20% of the initial fee.
NOTE: Existing users, you will need a new license key if upgrading. For production instances a new license must be purchased. Contact support to obtain new key(s). Upgrades between CRM2011 and CRM2013 versions require AutoSummary for CRM2011 to be uninstalled prior to installing the CRM2013 version. AutoSummary definitions need to be deleted and re-created in this case. For upgrades between CRM2013 and CRM2015/16, install the CRM2015/16 version, then uninstall the CRM2013 version. All AutoSummary definitions will remain intact in this scenario. CRM2015 to 2016 upgrades may simply have the 2016 solution installed to upgrade the 2015 solution.

Trial Mode

Auto Summary will operate in trial mode until a license key is purchased. This means every 10th calculation will generate a random result.


*Please select the version you wish to purchase (CRM2011/2013/2015) and add the organisation unique name that you can find in CRM via Settings > Customization > Developer Resources in the box below. If you require additional free keys for your development/test environments, please state their organisation unique names in the 'additional license key requirements' text box during checkout.

Organisation unique name

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