CRM Upgrades

CRM 2013 and 2015 Upgrade Offerings

Upgrading to CRM 2013 or 2015 is an important step for any business. The enhanced functionality offered through the updated user interface, business process flows, business rules, social engagement and mobile applications ensure that you stay ahead of the curve. An organisation that fails to update faces a long term loss of support, incompatibility with new technologies and the possibility of being left behind by rivals in terms of productivity and functionality. Most customers who have invested in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform want to keep it current and move with the innovations available.

However, the management and planning required for an upgrade can often deter organisations from taking this vital step. Gap Consulting draw on many years of experience, as well as pre-release experience with the product, to offer a comprehensive upgrade service.

The Gap Consulting Upgrade Service

Our tailored upgrade service is designed to make the process as smooth as possible and typically consists of a:

  • Review of your existing code to identify it’s suitability for the upgrade and the best way to utilise new features
  • Virtual test database to gauge the success of the upgrade before full rollout (on-premise only)
  • Technical service to address potential issues and opportunities for new functionality
  • Form and navigation re-design to take full advantage of new CRM 2013 and 2015 user interface enhancements
  • Training plan for users, super users and administrators who will work with the new solution.

The Benefits

    Any client that has gone through a Gap conducted CRM Upgrade can expect:

    • Continuity of CRM availability during upgrade
    • Identification and fixing of any issues preventing down time
    • Efficiency review and redesign of business forms and processes to make the most of new functionality
    • A future-proofed CRM system to stay ahead of the game
    • Trained staff who are more effective and get more value from the enhanced system functionality.

    More importantly, you will benefit from our pragmatic advice and guidance. All of our prospects and customers are different, so we respect that their needs are different, and we tailor our approach to deliver a successful upgrade on this basis.  Talk to us about your upgrade; we can help.

    Download the CRM Upgrades PDF to find out more

    "Gap Consulting’s CRM knowledge and capability is A1. We’ve always been able to get the support and answers that we’ve sought"
    Martin Ferry, Head of Development, Youth Business Scotland, The Prince’s Trust