CRM Strategy & Advice

Undertaking a new project, implementing a new system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or extending current functionality can be a daunting prospect for some organisations. Businesses may need some support and advice about how best to deliver these changes and the most appropriate approach to take.

Gap Consulting's approach

Gap Consulting provides strategic and advisory services across three main areas:

  1. Commercial - the business case, cost model and benefits plan
  2. Technology - architecture, complimentary, strategically aligned technologies to embrace multichannel delivery
  3. People - how best to effect an organisational change around CRM; change management

Gap Consulting helps organisations to align business units, processes, applications, people and their objectives to deliver the very best benefits. We deliver our projects on a phased basis, but represent this in a single view, allowing organisations to view complex projects in a simple, easy to understand way.

Our experience

We know what makes a good project and what needs to be in place to achieve the very best results, and draw on our wealth of business, technology and industry experience to align cost against benefits.

At every step of the way we ensure the lines of communication are open to ensure our clients have peace of mind over their project.

Fit for purpose

As part of our advisory service we question why organisations are choosing to undertake their project, to ensure spend is justified and projects worthwhile. Gap Consulting always strives to become a trusted advisor; we’ll not upsell or try to force technology for technologies sake.

Instead, we ensure that the project delivered is fit for your organisation, delivers on your objectives and provides the very best benefits.

Seeing the bigger Dynamics CRM picture

"They could see the bigger picture, and were very adept at understanding our business, our data, and how it needed to be tied together."
Adrian Bolton, Head of IT Delivery, Canaccord Genuity