Gap Consulting is able to manage the needs of different types of customer engagement. In a Cloud environment, customers require a more rapid approach to projects, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is accessible to any business with 5 or more professional users.

Compact projects, or those which require a rapid first phase are ideally suited to PACE – Gap Consulting’s rapid Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online deployment service.

P – Plan

A – Analyse

C – Configure

E – Execute

A PACE customer typically has under 30 potential users, and wants to work with the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics CRM ‘out of the box’. However, they will have some data and possibly process requirements that need to be included in their CRM solution. They may also want to deploy Office365 and/or PowerBI as they embrace Cloud services, and this can be included. Using PACE, Gap Consulting can quickly assess your needs, and provide an accurate cost based on your specific requirements. All our PACE services are carried out remotely, and PACE customers are ‘CRM Ready’ within days, having the additional benefit of our excellent in house Support Team.

PACE projects start at £4500 for a standard Sales implementation, so budget should not be a blocker. Start small, start simple, and see the benefits.

If you would like to engage PACE through Gap Consulting, please contact us.

Seeing the bigger Dynamics CRM picture

"They could see the bigger picture, and were very adept at understanding our business, our data, and how it needed to be tied together."

Adrian Bolton, Head of IT Delivery, Canaccord Genuity