Our CRM Implementation Approach

When undertaking any implementation or project, organisations need a level of certainty around turnaround, budget and functionality in order for them to feel comfortable, ensure the best relationship and ultimately achieve the best results.

Gap Consulting’s methodology – tried and tested steps to success

Gap’s methodology, underpinned by Microsoft Surestep, takes a collaborative approach. We have developed an agile, flexible and relationship led methodology to provide the very best, cost effective service and ultimately deliver the best results.

We work with our clients to deliver projects rather than imposing projects upon them. By taking the time to understand the business itself and existing, underlying business processes, we are able to provide tailored solutions that meet the clients need, rather than simply selling the most expensive option.

Gap appreciate that certainty around budget is of the utmost importance for many organisations and by taking the time to understand our clients, their budgets and scope we can offer a good level of certainty and control to our customers.

The Benefits

  • Peace of mind of working with a partner that is happy to drive and take responsibility for projects.
  • Achieve the best possible results - by taking a collaborative approach from the start, we take the responsibility to draw out information from you and apply it to your project using our in depth expertise.
  • Continual communication is key - we ensure this happens at several levels such as project managers and consultants on site, ensuring the relationship is maintained and project is delivered successfully.
From our Dynamics CRM clients

"From the way they have approached our project, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gap Consulting.”
Alison Brown, Programme Manager, Slaughter and May