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Award-winning CRM projects

Our successful projects and delighted clients are testament to our experience and knowledge – but we’ve also been recognised by our industry.

Each year, Microsoft Partners around the globe can submit notable projects into Microsoft's Partner of the Year awards. In recent years, and working alongside our customers, Gap Consulting has made submissions in 2015 and 2017 - both of which have been awarded finalist positions across thousands of global entries.

So as well as being a Microsoft Gold Cloud were one of three finalists in the 2015 Innovative Technology for Good Citizenship Award, an honour that recognised our excellence in innovating and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for Shelter in the UK.

In 2017, we received a finalist award for our Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution at Smart Works under the Cloud for Global Good - Technology for Good Award. Smart Works assist women back into employment through styling, clothes donation and interview practice - their dressers and supporters are an inspiration, changing the lives of those they help.

These are Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement projects that really matter. Could you be our next award-winner? We'd like to think so.

The Smart Works Success Story

Cloud Technology Creates Greater Social Benefit

Smart Works and Microsoft’s intelligent cloud support more women in need on their road to successful employment. Their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution has maximised outreach and enabled social benefit. They are now aspiring to win a ‘Technology for Good’ award.

There are 717,000 unemployed women in the UK (March 2017 – UK Office of National Statistics,) and one UK charity is on a mission to change that with the help of the latest cloud technology from Microsoft.

Smart Works is a unique non-for-profit that helps women in need to succeed at job interview. The charity provides high quality interview clothes, styling advice and interview training. The aim is to give women the confidence, self-belief and practical tools to secure employment, and start a new chapter of their life.

Last year Smart Works met with 1,800 women at their London office, and 2,700 across the UK.  More than one in every two women who came through the charity went on to interview successfully for a new job. Just under half of the women who come to Smart Works have been previously unsuccessful in as many as 50 interviews. Feedback from the charity’s clients highlights the personal and social benefits:

“Smart Works gave me confidence and took a big weight off my shoulders. They made me feel like a person again, that I counted, and was part of society.”

The Smart Works vision of facilitating a woman’s journey into successful employment is complex to implement.  It requires managing a database with accurate, reliable information to support funding applications; the ability to evaluate the process and the impact; and gaining insights and knowledge from the data available for effective strategic planning.

Smart Works selected Gap Consulting as their Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Partner to create a digital platform that manages appointment bookings, client communications via SMS and supports outcome-based reporting for regional offices, referrers, partners and Government agencies. The platform is highly secure and offers significant capacity for growth.

As a result, Smart Works have doubled their booking throughput, set up new offices and can prove the success of their services to all their key stakeholders

Rosemary Ashworth, UK Head of Operations at Smart Works says:

“We have 100’s of referral partners who refer women to use our services such as Job centres, women’s charities, women’s refuges, and prisons. Dynamics 365 management information helps target services for referrers. This helps Smart Works recruit more referral partners locally, as we can now demonstrate service benefits. We can also identify types of referrers, for example, charities supporting refugees, who we need to engage with more because they currently refer very few people to us.”

 “By keeping staff and volunteers up-to-date with achievements, it keeps them close to our mission. Dynamics 365 dashboards show what’s happening; for example, how many women were helped each week and if they were successful.”.

An Evolving Not-for-Profit World

Today’s not-for-profit organisation operates in a highly competitive world, where giving channels and demographics are changing. We speak to these organisations about the digital strategy they want to deliver to retain and develop the relationships they have with donors, service users, partners and volunteers.


Managing vital relationships, the way you want to.

You are now competing for people's time and money, you therefore have to know them better than the competition. You need to tap into their interests and support them properly, which means professional service delivery underpinned by a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution.


Maximising the reach of both services and marketing efforts.

When you encourage more work, you have to get smart and efficient, but without compromising the quality of what you do. You want more people to work with you. Every penny counts, so your marketing efforts also need to be simple and effective.

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Automating key business processes which deliver consistency and efficiency.

Not-for-Profit organisations are often admin-heavy, but with experienced people peddling hard to run a great operation. With your experience and our Dynamics 365 knowledge, let's look to automate some of the workload and get you that time back in which you can do more valuable activity.


Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for:


  • Future proof technology that grows and adapts with you
  • The flexibility of a custom solution, without the risk
  • Considerable and broad Microsoft Partner network
  • Significant discounts on subscriptions for not-for-profit organisations
  • Huge ongoing R and D investment from Microsoft

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Why Gap Consulting in the not-for-profit sector?


Our focus on customer success and referencability is a must for not for-profit-customers. You can only afford to have a great project.

From new Dynamics 365 implementations, to fresh ways to use your platform, we help not-for-profit organisations to maximise their use of Microsoft Cloud technology and online self-service channels for everything from self-service customer support, to event management – all driven by data within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

When you choose Gap Consulting, you get the advantage of our experience with Microsoft’s ever-evolving solution. What’s more, we’ll also take the time to really understand your organisation, your goals, and your concerns. That way, we can translate your requirements into the best possible Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.

As an organisation specialising in the delivery of relationship management solutions, we understand and appreciate the importance or your donors, service users, partners and volunteers - and your desire to look after them well. We are a great cultural fit.

Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition

Plan 2

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan £21.70



per user per month



per user per month

Field Service

Field Service

per user per month

Customer Service

Customer Service

per user per month

Product service

Product service

per user per month






Team Members £1.90 per user per month


The structure of Dynamics 365 allows customers to select subscriptions to suit the needs of their users. Choosing a Plan gives users full functionality across multiple business apps - sales, customer service, marketing and so on. But customers can also choose to subscribe groups of users by their business function only, i.e. the sales app for sales people. Furthermore, if you have users who want to see information across your Dynamics 365 solution, but only create Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Notes and custom entity records, they can benefit from being a Team Member.

Get a great delivery experience

Ever wondered how you could deliver CRM into your not-for-profit organisation successfully whilst getting the best possible value for money?

When you choose Gap Consulting, you get a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner and Portals specialist who truly understands the financial pressures you have, and the importance of project success.

We make certain your project runs smoothly and efficiently, ensuring you don’t go over budget and that your internal skills and resources are up to speed. Speak to our other customers because as a not-for-profit, you shouldn't have to compromise on the quality of your delivery. We bring all our commercial and not-for-profit experience to you, because we enjoy what we do, and we like doing it well.

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Dressing for success with innovative services underpinned by Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

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