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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - xRM for Not-For-Profit Organisations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - the ideal choice for the not-for-profit organisation

Gap Consulting have a number of Not-for-Profit customers, and market interest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM from this sector is increasing.

Our current not-for-profit customers include charities, membership organisations, county councils and those in education settings, all of whom have very specific needs from their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

We have many good working examples...

  • A charity customer who supports adult learning with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution focused on subscription and membership management. This customised CRM solution also integrates with their website Content Management System (CMS) in delivering member-specific web pages and information, allowing them to target their members appropriately. Review Case Study here.
  • A County Council who manages their Human Resources processes via Microsoft Dynamics CRM. HR is a highly process-driven function that is also regulated and subject to changing legislative controls. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is ideally suited to manage such a complex and important function as ‘Employee Relationship Management’ or ERM.
  • An education customer who uses their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to manage their Train to Gain initiative. They immediately recognised the importance of tracking every course enquiry into their Further Education College, and ensuring they remained in regular contact with those booked on, or considering, future learning. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has enabled them to cope with enormous growth and has facilitated their success in a highly competitive environment. Review Case Study here.

Gap Consulting are also comfortable working with Customers who are providing services to their end customers that require a great deal of sensitivity and understanding. Some of our own Customers deal with those in life-changing circumstances, and we appreciate their need to support those end-customers effectively. We are also experienced in building and sourcing innovatory addons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, improving access to the solution for users and end-customers alike.

Many not-for-profit organisations find standardising onto Microsoft server infrastructure very attractive, allowing them to concentrate their valuable resources – people and finances – on their core activities. Gap Consulting understand how important this is.

Pricing benefits for Not-for-Profit Customers

There are significant Microsoft Dynamics CRM licence cost savings to be made for eligible not-for-profit organisations, some discounts are as high as 75%.

Are you eligible? Contact us to confirm your status.

Or, can you use the Charity Technology Exchange and benefit from software donated from Microsoft? Click on CTX to find out more...

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