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Whitepaper - transforming the way organisations sell

Successful sales organisations have always strived to outpace their competition, improve efficiencies and continuously improve sales tactics to increase performance. This Microsoft white paper reflects Microsoft’s vision for enabling this transformation and helping the successful organisations of the future equip and inspire their people for greater success.

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Whitepaper - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Statement of Direction

This Statement of Direction (SoD) outlines the future direction and planned areas of innovation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The intent of this paper is to help our customers and partners establish appropriate plans and guidelines for their investments today, while keeping an eye on the horizon of future innovations being delivered by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team.

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Whitepaper - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Performance and Scalability

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is designed to help enterprise organizations attain a 360-degree view of customers, achieve reliable user adoption, adapt quickly to business change, and accelerate project delivery and returns – all on a platform that provides enterprise levels of scalability and performance.

This white paper focuses on user scalability.

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