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Dynamics Marketing Digital Assets

Digital Asset Management for marketers can be a very challenging aspect of their marketing duties. Producing digital assets to the standard expected by large organisations is no mean feat and it takes an iterative approach between internal peers and external vendors to ensure that the digital collateral is delivered correctly. MDM provides the ability to manage folders of multimedia content. These digital assets can be developing media or completed media products, which are annotated across the organisation and user roles. In MDM the media buyer security role has a large number of authorisation permissions.  

CRM2015 & Cortana

Amongst the many new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, mobile users will be interested to see that Cortana, Microsoft's intelligent virtual assistant on Windows Phone 8.1, is going to be integrated with the CRM platform.  With Cortana, users will be able to set up meetings, and reminders, search for contacts, accounts and activities, view customer lists and create new customer records  - all with voice commands.


Here's a quick demo video Microsoft has posted showing off Cortana and Dynamics CRM, along with other voice-activated mobile capabilities Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Cortana demonstration.

Microsoft’s Future Decoded

“We are very excited about the messages coming from Future Decoded!” stated Andy Dudley, MD of Gap Consulting. “We have been working with Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for over 10 years. Our clients truly understand the reasons for using IT to transform their business and are leading the way in terms of their understanding of how their customers interact through different channels, using data to make informed intelligent decisions, and building new processes to make their people effective & their organization competitive, “ commented Dudley. “With the move to cloud, mobile and productivity, Gap Consulting are well positioned to take their customers further on this journey in terms of providing services to enable innovative business transformation. We are not only providing this for Dynamics CRM, but for O365 too, enabling customers to maximize offers from Microsoft that are driving this change e.g. Sales productivity suite,” stated Dudley.

Calculated Fields in CRM2015

CRM2015 introduces a new feature to help with real time calculations. In previous versions of CRM, you would need additional development in order to do this, such as writing code using Plug-ins or JavaScript. Calculated fields can use values from the current entity or related entities, but cannot span more than 2 entities. A Calculated Field will always be displayed to the user as a read only field.


In recent days I’ve had a number of very interesting discussions with customers about the CRM2015 announcements made by Microsoft this month.  However, a common thread emerged in these discussions as customers were keen to understand the implications of the changes to the CRMOnline Licensing model for the CRM2015 platform update. 

CRM2015 SLA Enhancements v Auto SLA Calculator

The Spring Wave of CRM2013 (SP1 for on premise customers) introduced ‘Service Level Agreements’. These ‘SLA’ records aimed to meet a very common requirement for service desks whereby they are contractually bound to respond to a case within an agreed timescale, and also to resolve a case by an agreed timescale. This often varies depending on the level of service a customer has paid for. CRM traditionally struggled with calculations involving dates and this led us here at Gap Consulting to produce the ‘Auto SLA Calculator’, a comparison of which I will go through later in the blog.

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