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Outlook 2013 favourite feature so far - Shortcuts Navigation

In Outlook2010 the ability to construct a series of CRM entity favourites was removed and only by making a change to the registry could you enable this feature. In Outlook2013, there is a new navigation item called 'Shortcuts'.

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Gamification for Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 - a Free Solution

Our consultants are frequently asked by clients for advice on how to drive user adoption so we decided to build a solution to enable game principles to be applied to Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 and release to the community as a free solution available on codeplex.

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CRM2011 Rollup 7 introduces a new feature 'Read Optimized Forms'

Rollup 7 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011 contains a new feature to help improve the form load speed, especially useful for those users who are more inclined to open and read records as opposed to edit.

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Firing a dialogue from an event

In Microsoft Dynamics V4 it was possible to fire a workflow from an event or isv button and with the arrival of dialogues, I thought it would be neat to be able to trigger dialogues from an event (either onload, onsave or onchange of a tab or field).

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Control Activate and Deactivate buttons by Security Role using a JScript web resource and enhancing the RibbonDiffXml

The security model in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is extremely flexible and with the inclusion of field level security, is almost ultimately configurable. However, there is a small deficiency in the security model whereby the ability to activate and de-activate records is not independently configurable. Several of our customers have expressed a desire to allow their users to write to a record but not allow the activation or de-activation.

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Customising the ‘Sample Data’ in CRM2011 (on premise)

The ‘Sample Data’ feature in CRM2011 is a very handy tool for quickly populating an organisation in anticipation of a sales demonstration.

However, it is always nicer for the potential customer to see more meaningful data, especially for fields that can be localised such as telephone numbers and address information.

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