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Busy Times - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

The beta release for CRM 2013 was made available to partners on Wed 31st July and since then we’ve been very busy making sure we’re ready to support our customers!

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 (Codename Orion)

On Wednesday 31st July Microsoft showcased Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to Gap Consulting as part of an invitation event at their UK HQ in Thames Valley Park.  The 4 hour session was full of useful information about the upcoming release covering the key technology changes, and rationale behind the strategic direction. 

Find out about the new features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 in this article.

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Why CRM is like rugby

I spend a lot (an awful lot!), of my time outside work coaching a rugby club; there are 5 senior teams, plus 2 colts sides, and minis and juniors. My focus is the senior teams, which is a lot of players, of varying abilities, attitudes and ambitions. Training, which depending on the time of the week is split between coaching the whole of the senior club to improve core skills, and focusing on the specific needs of the 1st team, requires a lot of preparation and thinking.

While I was planning this week’s training, it got me thinking about the parallels between what we do for the rugby club, and how we approach a CRM deployment.

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Advanced (Line) Charting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011

When adding line charts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011, although much improved since the R7 (Rollup 5) release with the introduction of two categories and up to 5 series, for line charts there are still rather large square blobs plotted for each data point, values are plotted next to each point by default, and the lines don't appear as smooth curves.

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CRM 2011 Team Permissions In Practise

I’ve often heard that Users inherit the permission roles of the Teams they are a member of and this is true. As the MSDN states:

A user’s set of privileges is a union of privileges from the user’s roles and privileges from all teams’ roles in which the user is a member.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Application Design

Not so long ago I was invited by Packt Publishing to become a technical reviewer to suggest improvements, and help to improve the overall technical quality of books.

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