The 'mobile express' method of accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM first appeared in CRM v4.0 back in 2009 and has largely remained untouched, giving users a very basic way of creating/reading/updating CRM records on any mobile device that was able to render html pages providing that they have internet access. Although pretty limited, the main deficiency was the inability to view activities against a record. This was a common scenario whereby the user would need to record a phone call or mark an appointment complete.

The old mobile express page couldn't even view activities!


In CRM2013 the mobile express pages have been given a makeover but most importantly, introduce the ability to create, update, and complete tasks, phone calls, and appointments.

List views have a larger font.

The mobile form has the CRM2013 style applied and also has re-designed lookups.

.The 'Related Entities' now includes activity entities and allows for create and update of appointments, tasks and phone calls.


 Although the mobile express client still does not offer offline working, for the more simple access requirements, the mobile express client shouldn't be dismissed quite so quickly.