The ‘Sample Data’ feature in CRM2011 is a very handy tool for quickly populating an organisation in anticipation of a sales demonstration.

However, it is always nicer for the potential customer to see more meaningful data, especially for fields that can be localised such as telephone numbers and address information.

It is possible to amend/enhance the sample data as these files are stored on the CRM application server. These files can be found in the following folder by default: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\LangPacks\1033\SampleData

Enhance each Excel xml file accordingly then run the ‘Sample Data’ feature again to import your customised sales demo data. It is worth noting that these files are deployment wide in context so by amending them, all organisations in your deployment instance will use these.

Also, if you have multiple application servers, be sure to amend the files in on each application server. Be sure to take a backup of these files just in case you need to restore. Happy (custom) demonstrating!