Consumers (customers) have an expectation that the people and companies they work with should be using relevant, up to date technology; they are used to it in their personal lives and know that technology is no longer some distant dark. Clients won’t accept that technology can be the barrier to receiving great service. The famous Apple strapline of “there’s an app for that” is too well known for consumers to accept a delayed or sub-standard service put down to the technology being used. As a result, those who have failed to invest in current technology will ultimately lose out to those who have.

Gain an invaluable benefit: Time

Professional Service organisations need to focus their efforts on value add activities, irrespective of their location. Efficiency improvements come from a number of sources, but when you are working in an environment that is invariably not your own office, you need to work unhindered. You need access to timely, accurate information and supporting documentation to deliver to your clients. An effective mobile strategy is essential to be able to continue being efficient on the move.

Be different, be one step ahead

Innovation is perception. Being in a position to quickly respond to prospects with information that “wows”, which offers something different, and is in a format that quickly delivers will help raise your game and put you one step ahead of the competition.

Likewise, there are many CRM cloud solutions in the marketplace, but what gives it that “wow” factor? It’s not just what it looks like – it’s what it can do for your business, and how it can support client engagement.

Innovation on tap, from an industry leader

Organisations such as Microsoft have large research and development teams, and as such have an increased capacity to come up with the latest innovative ideas, functionality and products. These are then delivered directly into their online cloud platform. Reporting, dashboards, Business Intelligence and being able to monitor what your clients are doing are enhanced in the cloud with Microsoft Power BI. You can now respond to specific questions by delivering answers directly, anytime, rather than having to delve through piles of data yourself.

Knowledge - power

These tools enable normal users to achieve great results. It’s real time data at your fingertips. With more knowledge, you can quickly meet the client where they are in the process.

Your teams are empowered to manage new and existing client engagements on a more personal level. They can share data with customers, and can deliver consistent and distinctive experiences that help build your reputation in the marketplace.

After moving to the Microsoft Cloud, technology is no longer a concern, but a means of delivering services and an opportunity for you to really innovate.

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