In an increasingly digital world, client engagement professionals can no longer work in a silo. In order to remain competitive and - importantly - current, organisations and their workforces need to be able to work in a collaborative and connected way.

Clients’ expectations are increasingly rising. Technology is understood much more these days; clients know how it works and when it’s not supporting them. For Professional Services organisations, this lays their service bare, as technology (or lack-there-of) can no longer be seen as a suitable/appropriate reason for less than perfect service. If you don’t have the technology, clients will ask the question “why?” and if you’ve got it, but don’t use it effectively, they’ll ask “why not?”.

Demonstrating your commitment to technology by investing in the Microsoft Cloud not only provides direct benefits for each individual utilising it, it offers the chance for your entire workforce to work smarter, together.

Collaboration is key

The Microsoft Cloud solution allows your workforce to fully collaborate at any time, enabling you to instantly share updates and communicate with clients and colleagues in a connected manner wherever they are, and whatever their device. Team members can co-edit sales proposals in real-time to accelerate the sales process. You can open and share documents with just a few taps on your mobile whilst queuing for a coffee; Skype a client from your laptop on a train; start a document on your office PC, finish it on your tablet at home; access your CRM solution securely from a client site, without unpredictable VPN connections; and write up notes during the meeting that are instantly saved and backed up in the cloud.

Keep your Intellectual property, YOUR intellectual property

Having a reliable technology platform in place that will help manage how you collect, store and secure any developed IP is a critical component of your business. Operating in the Microsoft Cloud provides the opportunity to collaborate, share and develop IP with colleagues quickly, easily and securely. At the same time, the investment in the technology will translate into a satisfied and motivated workforce. Online integrated applications can provide Instant Messaging solutions that allow you to share IP, and bounce ideas around your network within teams and the wider organisation.

Remove duplicated effort, increase win rates

Duplication of effort is removed through collaboration, and the cloud enables Professional Services organisations to be innovative in the way that services are delivered. Sales and project teams will enjoy better collaboration to understand the overall cost model, and as such manage customer expectations within profitable work. Win rates are increased with a more streamlined workforce contributing to the bottom line.

Put simply, by investing a technology solution that allows real, always-ready collaboration, you can enable your staff to become more efficient and give them more time to focus on their relationship with your end clients.

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