Microsoft Cloud Arrives in the UK allowing businesses to think big, innovate and accelerate growth


The cloud gives you the feeling of infinite capacity - to dream big' said Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella as he addressed a crowd of 3,600 clients and partners at Microsoft’s landmark conference, Future Decoded, yesterday in London. The conference brings together some of the brightest minds to share their views on what the future holds for business, society, leadership and technology. “The cloud has become the platform for the next transition, allowing you to change to ensure that you can service your clients and your client’s customers’ said Tiffani Bova, VP and Analyst at Gartner. And, from a company that has certainly ‘dreamt big’ going through tremendous transition (£400k to £165m in 12 years), we heard an inspirational presentation from Richard Reed, CEO of Innocent. “When running a business remember what you started the business for & what your core business is. Keep to your core values” said Reed.

Lord Sebastian Coe, commenting on his own competitive experiences “When you reach a point you know you have to change, start with the big idea, it has to be the proposition and the vision (project manager will deliver the project) but you have to remind yourself as to why you are doing what you are doing.”



Future Decoded – bring together the brightest of minds


The message that came from Future Decoded 2015 is that the cloud and mobile have the ability to bring the human closer to IT than ever before, allowing intelligent human interaction. We are seeing ‘democratisation’ of IT - helping people engage with people like never before, across boundaries, in the office, in the home and at any time. Allowing humans to take back control of their lives, of their own productivity and work/life balance, and allowing clients to insist on intelligent client engagement utilising people who are working in this new world of trusted empowered teams. It is the companies who take maximum advantage of the cloud and mobile who will have successful clients, and happy fulfilled employees, whether they start with a big idea & grow, or grasp change quickly and innovate.


Robots intelligently serving cocktails to clients in the exhibition


As Claire Balding quizzed Lord Seb Coe in the success of the Olympics:

"You had so much criticism on the run up to the Olympics. For 2 weeks it rained, G4S were thrown out, Hammersmith flyover was closed and to top the lot you put the South Korean Flag up instead of the North Korean flag” she sighed. “But the opening ceremony changed everything. What held it together?” she asked Coe.

We all bought into one vision, and there was an extraordinary spirit of generosity that people bought into.” Coe commented. “Strangely, the people further from London had the greater creativity and innovation”. “The world thought we could do it as they have seen the UK run big events like this before. The key was, for a while, we did not doubt our own capability” exclaimed Coe.


Lord Seb Coe quizzed about the UK’s capability to run the Olympics


Now, with the Cloud finally coming to the UK, it will be the companies who don’t doubt the cloud and who empower their employees to get close to their clients (where ever they are) to enable them to innovate and succeed. These are the UK companies that will be successful and will look back in 2020 at Future Decoded and be pleased that they did it now.


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