It’s in no doubt professional membership bodies face increasing pressure to attract new members as well as having to retain their existing ones. Having a strong and content member base enables these organisations to:

1.       Achieve more predictable renewal numbers

2.       Attract new members through referral,

3.       Maintain a steady revenue stream that allows them to invest in membership activities year after year. As you grow, you want to offer more.


Clearly part of attracting members is being a leader in your field and having great, engaging events and services. You have to offer the things your members not only need, but that enhance their careers and networking opportunities within their industry.  That said, if you are working with professional members, you must be able to

1.       Provide a professional, even ‘best practice’ service experience.

2.       Give the right impression

3.       Consider your growth, and the management of X% new members – can you treat them all well?


HFMA is an example of one such professional membership body. Focused on the needs of finance staff in the Healthcare sector, they wanted to manage their members better at a practical level, but also offer them easier ways of interacting with the organisation. By taking more of their processes online, and delivering more engagement through their website, they are now offering their members more, whilst simplifying the way they work together. The have a professional service experience, for professional members.