On larger projects, coordinating multiple development streams so that a consolidated solution can be built and transported to the destination (test or live) environment can be a challenge. The problem is if several developers each work on adding components in their own solution (either directly in the master development environment or in their own sandboxed deployments), there is the risk that human error can creep in and components can be accidentally missed when adding to the consolidated solution prior to deploying a release. 

I dropped an email to MVP Tanguy Touzard to suggest the idea of a tool which enabled the user to select multiple source solutions and add all the components contained within each into a selected destination solution. Tanguy was already one step ahead as he had also been thinking about this problem and indeed, the solution. A few days later and a new release of the XrmToolBox (http://xrmtoolbox.codeplex.com/) saw the addition of a new tool, the ‘Solution Components Mover’.

The tool is simple to use. Select one or several source solutions and then a destination solution. Click ‘Copy Components’ and the user can choose the types of components to copy.

In the illustration below, we are taking the components built in the ‘Widget Process’ and the ‘HR Process’ and copying to the Main Solution ready for releasing to the test/live environments.


The user may choose to include all components or certain component types. 

In summary, the solution components mover reduces the risk of manually moving/adding components to a main build solution and can reduce the time needed to build a solution ready for release to test/live environments.