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Monitoring CRMOnline attachment storage using PowerBI

This blog shows how to leverage PowerBI to monitor the storage consumed by email and note attachments in CRMOnline

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Monitoring System Jobs in a CRM Dashboard using PowerBI

The following walk through shows how we can leverage PowerBI to report on large volumes of system jobs and embed in a CRM Dashboard.

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XRMToolbox – The PowerBI Option-Set Assistant

If you have worked with PowerBI connecting to Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will most likely have discovered a big flaw in terms of option-sets. It is not possible to retrieve the label (text) value of option-sets (both normal and global). The new XRMToolBox tool 'PowerBI Option-set Assitant' aims to alleviate this problem.

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Achieving professionalism in professional bodies

HFMA is an example of a professional membership body that focused on the needs of finance staff in the Healthcare sector, they wanted to manage their members better at a practical level, but also offer them easier ways of interacting with the organisation. By taking more of their processes online, and delivering more engagement through their website, they are now offering their members more, whilst simplifying the way they work together. The have a professional service experience, for professional members.

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Workflow Executor updated to bulk cancel or resume system jobs

Here at Gap Consulting we have decided to enhance our free community tool ‘The workflow executor’ (for CRM2011, CRM2013 and 2015) to be able to choose a system job view then cancel or resume the system jobs contained within that view that have a status reason of waiting.

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CRM that just works. Six leading companies switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

In April, Microsoft shared how new innovations were spurring growth in Dynamics CRM Online. A growth that was driven by a growing market for top-end business solutions for the cloud and recent advancements in productivity, mobility and analytics that were part of their spring CRM release.

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