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Workflow Executor updated to bulk cancel or resume system jobs

Here at Gap Consulting we have decided to enhance our free community tool ‘The workflow executor’ (for CRM2011, CRM2013 and 2015) to be able to choose a system job view then cancel or resume the system jobs contained within that view that have a status reason of waiting.

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Synchronisation Enhancements in CRM2015

CRM2015 introduces a number of enhancements based around the synchronising of data between CRM and Outlook. The key new features include:

·         Configurable Field Level Synchronisation

·         Appointment Attachments Synchronisation

·         Outlook Assigned Tasks Synchronisation

·         Additional Address and Phone Number fields

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How to do a multi-entity search in CRM 2015

CRM2015 introduces a powerful new search facility that enables you to search across multiple entities at once when using the Web application or Outlook client. For those who are familiar with the CRM2013 for Tables application, you may have already seen this feature in action!

With previous versions of CRM (Web and Outlook Client), in order to use the Quick Search feature you would first need to navigate to the entity before searching – this new feature intends to reduce the need for this extra step.

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How to view the relationship between individual records on CRM2015

CRM2015 introduces a new intuitive way to view the relationship between individual records.

In previous versions of CRM you would only be able to open the Parent record and would therefore potentially need to do this a number of times in order to understand the full hierarchy. If you had a particularly complex relationship, for example account and parent account, this could become very time consuming.

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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Marketing has been changing faster now than ever before and with digital marketing blooming marketers have more responsibility over customer journeys. They are required to engage with customers across many digital channels and deliver amazing experiences but all the while track results of their marketing investments to determine the ROI.

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Dynamics CRM 2015 Compatibility

Dynamics CRM 2015 Compatibility: We have completed final verification of both the CRM adapter for Insight and the CRM connector for Scribe Online with Dynamics CRM 2015 Online and on-premise. Both the adapter and connector support CRM 2015 without changes, so these combinations are now officially supported.

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