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Invest to impress

Professional Service organisations need to focus their efforts on value add activities, irrespective of their location. Efficiency improvements come from a number of sources, but when you are working in an environment that is invariably not your own office, you need to work unhindered. You need access to timely, accurate information and supporting documentation to deliver to your clients. An effective mobile strategy is essential to be able to continue being efficient on the move.

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The silo is dead. Long live collaboration.

In an increasingly digital world, client engagement professionals can no longer work in a silo. In order to remain competitive and - importantly - current, organisations and their workforces need to be able to work in a collaborative and connected way.

Clients’ expectations are increasingly rising. Technology is understood much more these days; clients know how it works and when it’s not supporting them. For Professional Services organisations, this lays their service bare, as technology (or lack-there-of) can no longer be seen as a suitable/appropriate reason for less than perfect service. If you don’t have the technology, clients will ask the question “why?” and if you’ve got it, but don’t use it effectively, they’ll ask “why not?”.

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Happy work force, happy clients. With the Microsoft Cloud for Professional Services

Implementing the Microsoft Cloud - including Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics CRM - is a great strategy to better focus on your customers to deliver exceptional service levels and outstanding customer experiences. At Gap Consulting, we understand that when it comes to Professional Service organisations, customer satisfaction is key.

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Future Decoded 2015 - the lowdown

Microsoft Cloud Arrives in the UK allowing businesses to think big, innovate and accelerate growth

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Customer Success using xRM

Following on from the last blog about xRM I wanted to talk about our customer successes using xRM.

Gap Consulting’s projects are typically centred far more on exploiting the xRM Framework than deploying the core CRM application. It fascinates me to note the variety of line of business applications we have built with our customers, which includes solutions for:

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Why use xRM?

The former assumes a bespoke development, with all the cost and complexity of capturing the full scope of business requirements, and addressing all components of the solution, including UI, security and data model, and data management etc. The specification has to be complete, and the organisation has to be prudent in considering future flexibility, scalability and extensibility to meet new requirements, or support their organisation’s growth.

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