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Monitoring CRMOnline attachment storage using PowerBI

This blog shows how to leverage PowerBI to monitor the storage consumed by email and note attachments in CRMOnline

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Monitoring System Jobs in a CRM Dashboard using PowerBI

The following walk through shows how we can leverage PowerBI to report on large volumes of system jobs and embed in a CRM Dashboard.

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XRMToolbox – The PowerBI Option-Set Assistant

If you have worked with PowerBI connecting to Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will most likely have discovered a big flaw in terms of option-sets. It is not possible to retrieve the label (text) value of option-sets (both normal and global). The new XRMToolBox tool 'PowerBI Option-set Assitant' aims to alleviate this problem.

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Streamlining the CRM release process with the Solution Components Mover (XrmToolBox)

On larger projects, coordinating multiple development streams so that a consolidated solution can be built and transported to the destination (test or live) environment can be a challenge. The problem is if several developers each work on adding components in their own solution (either directly in the master development environment or in their own sandboxed deployments), there is the risk that human error can creep in and components can be accidentally missed when adding to the consolidated solution prior to deploying a release. 

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CRM2015 SLA Enhancements v Auto SLA Calculator

The Spring Wave of CRM2013 (SP1 for on premise customers) introduced ‘Service Level Agreements’. These ‘SLA’ records aimed to meet a very common requirement for service desks whereby they are contractually bound to respond to a case within an agreed timescale, and also to resolve a case by an agreed timescale. This often varies depending on the level of service a customer has paid for. CRM traditionally struggled with calculations involving dates and this led us here at Gap Consulting to produce the ‘Auto SLA Calculator’, a comparison of which I will go through later in the blog.

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Hierarchical Security in CRM2015

CRM2015 introduces a new dimension to the already robust security model called ‘hierarchy security’.  Firstly, if you have a fairly ‘open’ security model whereby most users have global access or parent/child business unit access to records, then this feature will give no benefit. This is all about making records visible to managers from their subordinates or from users in lower ‘positions’ to those in higher positions.

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