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CRM2013 What's New

There’s been a huge amount of interest and enthusiasm in the last few weeks as Microsoft share details about the forthcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, and certainly, along with pretty much everyone else, at Gap Consulting we’re sure the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 UI and feature set will be a great success with our customers.

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Advanced (Line) Charting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011

When adding line charts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM2011, although much improved since the R7 (Rollup 5) release with the introduction of two categories and up to 5 series, for line charts there are still rather large square blobs plotted for each data point, values are plotted next to each point by default, and the lines don't appear as smooth curves.

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Outlook 2013 favourite feature so far - Shortcuts Navigation

In Outlook2010 the ability to construct a series of CRM entity favourites was removed and only by making a change to the registry could you enable this feature. In Outlook2013, there is a new navigation item called 'Shortcuts'.

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