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We’re passionate about every project, and they’re all unique in their own way. We love exploring the CRM possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, to meet individual needs and requirements – from the latest news and developments to the things we’ve made possible for our customers.

With Art of the Possible, join us as we explore real-life examples of projects where Microsoft Dynamics 365 is at its best – and discover what happens when a project steps away from the norm and becomes something exceptional.

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Our expertise is your expertise – if you have questions, challenge us to find the answers.

From CRM basics to the most complicated deployment models, you’ll find simple, practical answers to all your CRM, xRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM questions.

Business Edition will become available in 2017, but until that point, Microsoft will give smaller businesses comparable pricing but for the Enterprise Edition product. This will mean that all sizes of organisation can reap the benefits of Dynamics 365 on day one.
Contact Gap Consulting for assistance. We can help you profile your user base, and align this with the appropriate Dynamics 365 plan, or possibly apps. We can also assess which of your users could benefit from the new Team Members subscription which is for light users of Dynamics 365.
As an on premise customer, your proposed transition is to the Enterprise Edition of Dynamics CRM where you can have dual use rights (cloud or on premise). However, you may be considering an upgrade, and this, with the Dynamics 365 change has prompted you to consider migrating online. If you have active software assurance or an active enhancement plan, you may be entitled to as much as 40% discount on Dynamics 365 subscriptions to migrate to the Microsoft Cloud. What’s more, you will avoid future costly upgrades. At Gap Consulting, we have lots of customers making this move, so get in touch and we can talk this through.
As an existing online customer, you will be able to stay as you are until your online anniversary. At this point, you will be offered transitional pricing for Dynamics 365 for a 3 year period. Until your anniversary, you will be able to purchase both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 subscriptions. You may also want to review your user base to identify who your plan, apps and team member users will be.
The PowerApps platform is a low or no-code tool for building custom business apps that connect to your data – Dynamics 365, Office 365, Dropbox, Twitter and other common SaaS and enterprise services. They work across the web and mobile – without the expense of custom software development. An example would be an event delegate list, driven from Dynamics 365 with biographies for the event managers and sponsors to access on phones and tablets, whilst at the venue. Find out more here at PowerApps. A key part of PowerApps is Microsoft Flow, which is a workflow management service for automating workflows across applications and services – Flow.
All elements of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as we know it are within Dynamics 365; just in a more commercially flexible structure. Customers can choose to buy a Dynamics 365 plan, which includes the components of CRM – the Sales, Customer Service and Marketing apps, plus PowerApps, Field Service and Project automation. You can even include Operations (finance/ERP) in your plan. Or, if you want to focus on specific functionality or start with just what you need, you can buy Apps separately i.e. enabling a fully functioning sales team. See our Microsoft Dynamics 365 page for more information.

Do anything with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Let’s explore all your possibilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 isn’t just about putting your customers in a database.

It’s about new, creative ways to manage your relationships and take them to new strengths. It’s transforming your opportunities, whether that’s driving member management or helping your people to learn, grow, and thrive.

With xRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to do surprising new things, supporting a wide range of business processes and different relationships. We’ll help you explore your possibilities – and create the tailored solution to realise them.

  • Helping InHealth take their services online

    Everybody from Gap was a high quality resource and we really rate their knowledge and dedication.

    What we delivered

    • Increased staff productivity
    • Consolidated data for patients and staff
    • Reduced administrative costs
  • Making Shelter’s call centre more efficient

    Being a charity, every penny counts. We were impressed that Gap delivered on time and on budget.

    What we delivered

    • Simplified call handling for faster calls
    • Enhanced customer service
    • Compliant processes and auditing
  • Streamlining Ribby Hall Village’s marketing

    We’ve saved £92k to date in marketing costs, which has more than paid for the project work.

    What we delivered

    • Improved customer profiling
    • Reduced administrative costs
    • Better in-house marketing abilities
  • Transforming the HFMA’s membership visibility

    We’ve missed opportunities because we didn’t have accessible knowledge. Gap’s solution should make us smarter as an organisation.

    What we delivered

    • Centralised membership data
    • Automated renewals
    • Improved member communication

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