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Migrating from Siebel

Microsoft and Siebel experience, brought together so you can change

Our 8 years of extensive Siebel project experience covers a broad range of industries from consumer goods to ecommerce market leaders. Our clients include, Barclays, Toshiba, Bank of Ireland, Abbey, Christies (the auctioneers) and the General Medical Council (GMC).

Since moving our focus to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have carried out a number of migrations from Siebel to the Microsoft solution. Our knowledge and experience in both solutions makes us ideally placed to manage such a project. Many of our Microsoft consultants have a Siebel background, and retain certification to version 7 or 8 level.

So why do customers migrate onto Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

  • Siebel cost of ownership is high when renewing support/maintenance
  • Siebel always requires external consultancy
  • Changes to the application are complex and slow
  • Siebel upgrades are costly and time consuming
  • Integration with Outlook and Office is cumbersome
  • Functionality lacks flexibility
  • Usability is poor and requires expert knowledge
  • Partner choice is now limited to expensive top 5 consultancies
  • Customers are aware of more flexible and cost effective options

We understand what's involved in a Siebel migration because we've done it. And if you want to decrease your overheads, and become more self-sufficient with a CRM solution you can really make your own, you need Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

For more information about migrating from Siebel to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please Contact Us.