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'CRM Online' - the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted service from Microsoft themselves...

If you don't want the responsibility, storage or cost of your CRM server architecture, then this is the answer.

CRM Online will be the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted service from Microsoft. It is due for release to the UK market in January 2011 and will compete with head on. CRM Online will cost users just £22.75 per month, for the full CRM, no compromise, solution. This is an introductory offer which will be available from January to June 2011.

Over the coming weeks, we will add more information about the service to our website, but if you would like a free 30 day trial of CRM Online in January, please contact us now. We will register your interest and get you prepared for your trial in 2011. Gap Consulting are an approved Microsoft Online Services Partner:

If you require assistance during the set-up processes of your CRM Online solution, we are able to offer you a full consultancy service. Gap Consulting offer the following consultancy packages to enhance your CRM Online deployment:

2 Day Fast-Track Deployment

This consultancy package includes:

  • A templated design document prior to initiation, which would describe:
    • The required custom fields and modifications against standard entities, adding up to 40 custom fields and completing up to 20 modifications on forms
    • Requirements for up to 3 basic workflows
  • End User training and system validation
  • The 2 days would be completed back-to-back
  • Consultancy services delivered remotely.

Please note that with the 2 Day consultancy plans, it is not possible to work on advanced configuration. You are advised to choose the 5 Day package if this is required.

5 Day Deployment

This consultancy package includes:

  • Consultancy based on an Agile methodology through days 1-4 which include:
    • a number of short iterations of analysis (within your organisation)
    • design and building of the solution
    • followed by ‘show & tell’ sessions with you to validate before moving into the next iteration
  • Custom entities can be considered and developed as appropriate
  • End User training and system validation
  • The 5 days would be spread over a period of weeks to give you time to review and sign off design elements; the project however needs to be compled within 45 days of initiation
  • Consultancy services delivered on site.

Custom Development

We know that you may have a requirement for a more complex design and configuration which could not be realised in 5 days. If you have a very specific need for your CRM solution, please contact us on .

We are also able to arrange for additional services which include:

  • data migration,
  • adhoc services for addtional configuration and/or workflows,
  • pre-configured workflows including standard processes to support the management of sales, leads, orders, cases and SLAs,
  • website integration,
  • systems integration, and
  • training

Whether you require a standard hosted implementation or something more custom to your business, Gap Consulting have the ideal solution for you.

If you are interested in CRM Online or have a question for the Team,
please Contact Us.