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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Providing you with as much relevant information as possible on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We are continually building our Microsoft Dynamics CRM frequently asked questions (FAQs) to cover the topics that you raise with us. If you have a question that is not covered here, please Contact Us so we can improve the information on offer.


1. What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Assurance?

Microsoft Software Assurance is an ‘insurance’ policy that provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM on premise customers with certain benefits. These benefits include online training, access to CustomerSource, Microsoft’s Home Use programme, some Microsoft Support Incidents and most importantly, access to upgrades and patches. Most Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers will have bought licences that include 2 or 3 years Software Assurance cover. Your Microsoft Partner or Large Account Reseller should contact you before your Software Assurance expires to offer you a renewal.

2. How can I buy Software Assurance?

Microsoft Software Assurance can be bought through a Microsoft Partner such as Gap Consulting, or through your Large Account Reseller if you have a Microsoft Select or Enterprise agreement.

3. How much does Software Assurance cost?

Microsoft Software Assurance costs around 30% of the price of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences if you have purchased through the Open Licensing Program. To get an up-to-date quote, please contact Gap Consulting on and we will provide you with the latest pricing.

We can also support customers who have 'Business Ready' licensing and those who require a Business Ready Enhancement Plan, which is the equivalent of Software Assurance under the Business Ready scheme.

4. What happens if my Software Assurance expires?

If your Microsoft Software Assurance does expire you lose your Software Assurance benefits i.e. online training, access to CustomerSource, Microsoft’s Home Use programme, some Microsoft Support Incidents and most importantly, access to upgrades and patches. However, you do still have your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution as it is.

If you do then decide that you want to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, you would need to re-purchase your licences in full. This is obviously an expensive undertaking, and something that could be avoided by renewing Software Assurance in a timely manner.

5. Who is eligible for discounts on Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences?

Registered Charities, Education Settings and Government organisations are generally entitled to discounted Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences. It is always important to double-check this eligibility though, so please contact us so that we can confirm your licensing position.

6. How much does Microsoft Dynamics CRM cost in the hosted environment?

Gap Consulting can provide hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM through Microsoft's CRM Online service. Please see our CRM Online information for more details. The introductory offer for this service is £22.75 per user per month.

7. How much do Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences cost?

There are several types of Microsoft Dynamics CRM licences, and some are discounted for those in certain sectors e.g. registered charities. Licence prices fluctuate month by month, and we like to select the best value distributor for our customers. There are also several licence programs that we can offer you depending on your payment preferences. We are happy to provide you with up to date licence costs via email or phone. Please call for more details or email

8. Does Gap Consulting provide training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Training is an important part of any Gap Consulting Microsoft Dynamics CRM project, and we tailor customer training to satisfy their specific needs.

We are sometimes asked if we train people who have not been part of a Gap Consulting project. In this scenario, we advise people on a ‘case by case’ basis. We have to look at whether it is cost effective for the prospective customer to use Gap Consulting, and whether we can deliver the training they actually require.

9. I am a Microsoft Partner, what is my free Microsoft Dynamics CRM entitlement?

The level of licence entitlement is based on your Microsoft Partner 'type'.

Microsoft Action Pack (MAPS) - Are entitled to Workgroups server which is a maximum 5 user and 1 server ‘pack’

Microsoft Certified Partner – Are entitled to 1 Professional Server, 25 User CALs and an External Connector licence (limited to 3 servers and 100 CALs across an organisation)

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner – Are entitled to 1 Enterprise Server , 100 User CALs and an External Connector licence (limited to 3 servers and 500 CALs across an organisation).

Those partners with the MBS competency are also entitled to an additional 25 Microsoft Dynamics CRM user CALs.

10. Where does Gap Consulting work geographically?

Gap Consulting work throughout the UK and Ireland. Historically, we have more customers in the South of the country than the North.


If you would like to contribute to our FAQs or couldn't find what you were looking for, please Contact Us and tell us what you needed to know.