Auto SMS

Connecting CRM to the mobile.

Use Auto SMS solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to send SMS messages from within CRM, either manually, via the social pane or via workflow. An SMS provider account is required. Optionally, an inbound application can be installed on any server or pc, scheduled to poll your TextAnywhere or Esendex text provider every N minutes. 

Available as a single code base for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, On-Premise, and Partner Hosted deployment scenarios. Our SMS solution can be configured to use the TextAnywhere, Esendex or Red Oxygen (outbound only in the current version) SMS platforms, so you can buy flexible text bundles to suit your organisation's needs.

  • Send SMS text messages to any mobile phone worldwide either manually or using workflow (TextAnywhere, Esendex or Red Oxygen subscription required).
  • Receive and view replies to SMS messages sent from Microsoft Dynamics CRM within the solution (TextAnywhere or Esendex subscription required).
  • Receive and view new inbound SMS sent from mobile phones to a fixed number belonging to your organisation.
  • View SMS history for each Microsoft Dynamics CRM Contact, Lead, or Account. 
  • Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflow to generate notifications for new inbound SMS text messages.
  • Locally control the time when Microsoft Dynamics CRM sends SMS text messages, to ensure your customers are not inconvenienced out of hours.
  • Use the default 'mobile number' or override this with a custom/secondary mobile number.

Auto SMS has a one-off fee of £199 per live CRM deployment (irrespective of user count). This includes 12 months’ product support. 12 months’ annual support can be purchased for 20% of the initial fee thereafter.

Existing users, you will need a new license key if upgrading. For production instances a new license must be purchased. Contact support to obtain new key(s). Upgrades between any of the versions simply requires the latest solution to be imported then 'publish all'.
Trial Mode

The Auto SMS solution will operate in trial mode until a license key is purchased; every 10th message will be scrambled to a random text string.

Please select the version you wish to purchase (CRM2011/2013/2015/2016) and add the organisation unique name that you can find in CRM via Settings > Customization > Developer Resources. If you require additional free keys for your development/test environments, please state their organisation unique names in the 'additional license key requirements' text box during checkout. 

Purchase via PayPal