Deployment Options

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be deployed as either an 'On Premise' or 'Online' solution.  The deployment option that's right for you will depend on your IT strategy, and potentially your budget.  You may also have specific data location requirements, disaster recovery plans and time constraints that contribute to whether you become an On Premise or Online customer.  However, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed with change in mind, so if Online suits you now, but On Premise suits you in future, the processes are in place to help facilitate that move.

On Premise

Customers who want to deploy an on premise solution need to be licensed for their CRM users and servers.  The diagram below shows how the Microsoft Dynamics CRM licensing model supports different types of On Premise user, including external parties such as customers who may use a web portal to access their CRM data.  If you prefer to own your CRM infrastructure, have your CRM data on your servers and locate CRM in one of your offices, an On Premise deployment could be the right choice for you.


Alternatively, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be deployed as an Online (or hosted) service. 

The typical Online user will be a subscription user and we would offer them Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  They subscribe to the service, and their solution can be configured to their needs.  However, they will not have to purchase licences, install software, or own and maintain server infrastructure.  The diagram below shows the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online scenario.

The third option is also Online, but it is known as 'Partner-hosted' Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  In this scenario, the customer requires a hosted platform but has specific hosting requirements that make Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online unsuitable.  They may for example, host other applications with a specific provider, and want to site their CRM solution alongside these applications.  In this scenario, they will purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM Licences, or subscribe to licences provided by the Parter-hoster.

In all cases, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be tailored to your business needs.  You can move between these options as your business requirements change, if this flexibility suits you.  Contact Us to explore your options.


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