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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

How Microsoft are changing the game.

What we know as Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now part of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s new flexible application suite. We call it Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

But what does this mean?

Well, those wanting a customer relationship management (CRM) solution from Microsoft, can choose how they want to structure their purchase – both commercially and functionally.

Customers can buy a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan, which will give them all of the previous Microsoft Dynamics CRM functional areas (Sales, Service and Marketing), plus PowerApps, Field Service and Project Services Automation business applications. They can buy a Unified Operations Plan (Finance) and benefit from the functionality of Dynamics NAV. Furthermore, if a customer needs both CRM and ERP/finance, they can buy the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Plan which gives them everything.

Or, customers can pick the business applications they need i.e. Sales, and pay for this functionality only – tailoring their Microsoft Dynamics 365 experience and purchase to their needs.



What does this mean for...

New customers?

All new customers will need advice regarding how to structure their Microsoft Dynamics 365 purchase, and full information has been available since November 1st 2016.

Existing customers?

Existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers transition to the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 structure at annual renewal. Existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Premise customers will be offered incentives to move online with Microsoft Dynamics 365. There will be a transition path for both CRM Online and on premise customers moving to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement subscriptions.

Those wanting to remain on premise can do. Their future software assurance and licence purchases will be for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, and transition options will apply until November 2019. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition has dual use rights (online or on premise).

Gap Consulting?

Gap Consulting remains committed to CRM and will be working with all of the Customer Engagement business apps provided in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan. If you need help with transition, migration or a new purchase, please get in touch.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Options

There will be two editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Enterprise and Business

Enterprise Edition is for those with 250+ users. It has the Customer Engagement apps, and Operations apps previously delivered through Dynamics AX. Enterprise Edition has dual user rights which means it is applicable to Cloud and On Premise customers, and there is no ‘CRM seat minimum’ as customers previously experienced.

This Edition is fully available.

During Spring 2018, new pricing for Enterprise Edition for Small to Medium-sized businesses will be released to the UK market. Until this time, offers apply.

Business Edition is Cloud only, and does not have Customer Engagement apps. It is a simplified version of the Operational platform previously delivered through Dynamics NAV.

This Edition is available for the Operations (finance) components.

Enterprise Edition has been available in the UK since November 2016 and this is where we work within the Customer Engagement apps arena.

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Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition

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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan





Field Service

Field Service

Customer Service

Customer Service

Product service

Product service







Team Members


The structure of Dynamics 365 allows customers to select subscriptions to suit the needs of their users. Choosing a Plan gives users full functionality across multiple business apps - sales, customer service, marketing and so on. But customers can also choose to subscribe groups of users by their business function only, i.e. the sales app for sales people. Furthermore, if you have users who want to see information across your Dynamics 365 solution, but only create Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Notes and custom entity records, they can benefit from being a Team Member.

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