Shelter Case Study

Gap Consulting tailor a CRM solution to improve call centre efficiency for Shelter.

Shelter is one of the leading UK housing and homelessness charities. As well as providing information and legal support to those struggling with these issues, they work to improve overall conditions through research and lobbying. Over a million people receive help from them per year, facilitated by a call centre that can field up to 140,000 calls in the same period of time.

Due to the fundamental role of client communication in Shelter’s services, a review was made of the case management systems used by the 60 employees across their call and face-to-face centres. This system was deemed to be a limiting factor on the work carried out and steps were taken to identify an alternative.

Choosing GAP

After an initial consultation and Request for Information, Shelter issued a Request for Proposal to a shortlist of ten companies. Shelter were impressed by the long term solution offered by Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and the tailored implementation provided in partnership by Gap Consulting, and chose to go ahead with this option after a demonstration.

One of the objectives Shelter had identified was a three minutes reduction in the data entry time per call. Thus Gap’s full implementation of Dynamics CRM involved the creation of a customised call system that allowed for rapid yet comprehensive data capture. In addition, Gap constructed Silverlight applications to provide real time flagging for conflicts of interest and vulnerable callers to better direct Shelter's finite resources.


  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Simplified call handling reducing average call time by 3 minutes
  • Enhanced customer service 
  • Instant intelligence through real-time alert and conflict search capability 
  • Improved process to support legal compliance 
  • A roadmap for future enhancements.

Download the Full Gap Consulting Shelter Case Study PDF

"We found Gap Consulting extremely professional and were impressed that they delivered on time and on budget. Being a charity, every penny counts so this was very important to us"
Stuart McSkimming, Head of IT, Shelter