Professional Services in the Cloud

Professional Services organisations have to prove their worth through the relationships they maintain with their clients. Nurturing relationships through strong sales processes and into service delivery is key, as is having full visibility the client lifecycle.

Technology has long been recognised as a necessity, and the cloud is now seen as the next step forward for organisations to fundamentally change how people live, work and engage with each other. However, enhancing business performance through this game changing technology is never going to be easy, and the path is not necessarily always clear.

Transitioning a Professional Services organisation from an existing on-premise technology environment into a cloud model enables them to reset, and rethink, their future technology roadmap and allows them to focus on forging strong client relationships.

Gap Consulting understand the business of Professional Services organisations, and can help the often complex transition to the Cloud. We are a Professional Services business ourselves, so we fully understand the challenges Professional Services organisations face and, more importantly, know how to overcome them.

The Benefits of the Microsoft Cloud for Professional Services

  • Productivity improvements at every step of the journey
  • Empower your organisation with unlimited access to critical data no matter where they are
  • Improved back office communications
  • Enriched end-to-end sales process
  • Increase overall project management effectiveness
  • Simple, powerful reporting tools highlights potential efficiency and productivity gains
  • Provide better client understanding to ensure efforts and resources are put to best use
  • Gap’s wealth of experience and knowledge of the Professional Services industry ensures the solution provides the very best benefits
  • Incremental gains can be had across the entire organisation

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“We have reduced costs by moving to Microsoft Dynamics, and yet maintained the quality of our service. GAP is very good at working to deadlines, budgets and getting the job done.”
Tim Lancaster, Transition Director, Carbon Trust