CRM 2015 - Online vs On Premise

As with previous releases, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 will be available to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On Premise customers. Both sets of customers will be notified of the release availability dates.

New customers have a choice of deployment methods when considering Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015: 

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Microsoft Cloud)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Premise (licensed software; your servers) 
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner-Hosted (licensed software; hosted servers) 

Gap Consulting are agnostic in terms of deployment method – we will support you and your strategy. to discuss your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 options. 

Existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers will receive the new release as an update, and will be taken through the automated process of applying the new functionality to their Cloud environment. 

Existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Premise customers with Software Assurance will be eligible for the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 software. On Premise customers will perform a physical upgrade of their solution and hardware, which will most likely be supported by a Microsoft Partner.

Seeing the bigger Dynamics CRM picture

"They could see the bigger picture, and were very adept at understanding our business, our data, and how it needed to be tied together."
Adrian Bolton, Head of IT Delivery, Canaccord Genuity