CRM 2015 - How to subscribe or licence

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 uses a similar model across Online and On Premise models and supports 3 key user types: 

  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional User – this is a sales and/or marketing user, utilising key sales and marketing features such as the sales pipeline and marketing campaigns. They have full access to all the features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Basic User – this is a user whose role includes use of CRM features. They have read access to all CRM data, but can create certain types of records, for example leads and cases. They can view reports, and use many of the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Essential User – this is a user who does not use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application directly, but works with CRM data through another interface such as a web portal. These are employee users, or affiliates of the organisation, so a good example is an employee self-service portal user. Please note: Customers who access CRM data through a portal are not licensed. 
In a typical deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a range of user types will be deployed which reflect the needs of the teams involved. If you would like to discuss Microsoft Dynamics CRM licensing, please .


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